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Business Startup Bootcamp

Dear NAME!

Welcome to your personal Invitation to Business Startup Bootcamp


What makes Business Startup Bootcamp different?

You'll actually create your business. Not dream about it. Not learn about it for later. You'll actually DO it!

  1. You'll get personalised guidance to find the niche that best fits you
  2. You'll build your business in the right order - so that each component builds on the next
  3. All the building blocks of your business will be personally reviewed using a process that works better than just 1:1 coaching
  4. You have your own support team and get their eyes on your business 1:1 - Cat, our Mindset Coach and Copyeditor
  5. As well as access to a tight-knit community of like minded new business owners who are taking setting themselves up the right way from the start seriously


What does this all lead to?




Lisa had a failed business behind her and was afraid to try again, but is now working from her dream office and has a waiting list of clients


Tina had been unable to decide on her business idea and wondered if now was a good time to start her business as she was getting ready to leave work for maternity leave. Now her business is set up, she has already had client revenues covering the Bootcamp investment.


Starting a business with the right foundation allows you to build on your results and success.


Kym is living full time from her business and earning a regular income of $20k plus:


Maria is loving her new business and new opportunities are opening all the time:


In Business Startup Bootcamp you are not lost in the crowd

Cat LeBlanc

Need a break down of what we cover?



Module One - Business Idea Foundation

Choosing the right business idea starts with understanding you. In this module we'll be asking you the questions that matter so that Cat can prepare for your Business Idea Session.

Module Two - Business Idea Core & Mindset Mastery

In Module Two you'll have your Business Idea Session with Cat and decide on your core business idea and model. You'll also go through the Mindset Mastery training to get you prepared to actually START YOUR BUSINESS!

Module Three - Market Positioning

Here you'll get into detail on your ideal client and decide how you are going to position your business to actually sell.

Module Four - Offers

Now we get into more detail. Here you'll create your optin freebie and your paid offers.

Module Five - Sales Process

You'll learn how the sales process works and get your first two test clients.

Module Six - Copy

In Module 6 you'll write your website copy - the words on your website - and they'll be edited by our copy editor. You'll be following a tested structure to guide potential clients towards working with you.

Module Seven - Website Structure

Now that you are crystal clear on your business idea, positioning, offers and have written your copy, you'll decide on your core branding elements and map out what will be in your website. You'll have everything ready to hand over to a developer or DIY if you choose to.

Module Eight - Content

In Module 8 you'll be creating your personalised content calendar and writing your first blog content.

Module Nine - Lead Generation

I CANNOT emphasize strongly enough the importance of lead generation and lead generation is not just about list building. In this module you will create your own lead generation strategy to get leads into your business and turn them into sales.

Module 10 - Your Master Plan

Here you'll create your plan to keep growing your business and get more clients moving forward.

You will come out with a functioning business, designed for you, all set up

You'll have a business idea that fits you and is marketable, the positioning to make it work, offers set up to sell, a sales process to close clients, content and copy that shows people why they need you, a website structure and branding concept to hand over to a developer, complete with your lead generation strategy so that you have leads coming in ready to turn into clients.

PLUS Your Master Plan to keep you moving forward beyond Bootcamp.

Everything reviewed and checked over by an expert.

The nuts and bolts:

Here's exactly what you'll get:

  • 3 private 1:1 sessions with me including a kickstarter Business Idea Session where we nail your niche so you have the best possible idea for you from the get go
  • 2 1:1 sessions with our resident Mindset Coach to keep you in top shape and powering ahead through the business building process
  • A full copyediting service for your future website copy including home, about, work with me and two sales pages for the offers we create together
  • Lifetime access to the Business Startup Bootcamp hub where all the informational videos, templates and resources to guide you through the businesss building process are held.
  • Personal feedback from myself on every business building task you’ll be completing. As you work through the modules I’ll be checking every aspect of your work – your positioning, your offers, your sales conversation outline etc and you’ll only move ahead once you have each piece done so that it will work
  • Access to two weekly group Q&A calls so you can access me and ask any questions on a call each week
  • The Business Startup Bootcamp Hub – our Facebook group where you can share your wins and compare notes with other Bootcampers
  • Email support
  • Plus a personalised Master Plan for you to grow your business well beyond Bootcamp


Are you ready to step up?

You've reached this point and the fact that you are reading this page means I sincerely believe this program is going to be the best thing you can do for yourself to start the right business and create the lifestyle you are looking for.

I speak to many people who want to create a massive change in their lives, but not that many who are willing to really do something about it...


So the big question is: Are you ready to say yes to yourself?



How much time will I need?

On average 5 hours a week. Some modules are lighter. The copy module is the most time intensive and we allow 2 weeks for it. We find that anyone who is TRULY serious about starting a business can find 5 hours a week.

I'm going on holiday in the next four months, should I wait to start?

The best time to start is always now. If you are going away let us know in advance and we can add that time to the end of the Bootcamp for you so you can enjoy your break and then get back to it.

Does Bootcamp train me on how to build a website/include a website?

The best use of your time is finding paying clients, not learning how to build a website. It is our preference that you get a website done for you and we have recommendations starting from around $1000. If you do want to DIY we have platform and theme recommendations. We don't go into detail on website building as that would be a whole new course and our focus is building your business, the right way, and getting clients.

I am concerned about spending money in my business before I've earned any.

Unfortunately the online world has evolved and it is very difficult to start a successful online business with almost no investment. The reality is you are almost certainly going to need to invest before you have earned any money. This is something Cat did herself and almost all successful online business owners have done. The whole purpose of Bootcamp is to get you earning as soon as possible.

I have already invested in a lot of courses and got no results, how do I know this will work?

Ecourses come with no real meaningful support. Even large group programs come with very scant support. Business Startup Bootcamp is a small group program and everything you are creating for your business will be personally reviewed. If something needs adjusting we'll tell you and you'll only move on to the next piece of building your business once you have the last piece ready. This literally means you are being stepped through a process that works and are getting feedback at every stage. It's as fool proof as it can be made.