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Episode 29 – Business Satisfaction & Your Entrepreneurial Design Profile

I am excited to share something new with you today and it’s been something I’ve been working on for a while. It’s in its first iteration but I think it will be really helpful for you, even if many of the additions I have up my sleeve aren’t quite ready yet.

First a little bit of background of where this comes from.

When I first started helping people find the right business idea one on one I got my clients to fill out a huge amount of prep for me. I would use this prep to do my own analysis of who they were as a person to figure out their business idea and how we should set their business up.

The question I would ask myself was:

What does this person need in a business to be fulfilled and happy?

Because people are completely different. Some people need lots of social interaction to be happy, some prefer the quiet of working by themselves.

Some people need to have a broad focus in their business and bring lots of skills together and other people really just want to do one thing.

I would go through my client’s prep and pick out all of these elements that I would see in their personality.

At the time, I didn’t have a system to do this, I was just figuring out who they were so we could build something that felt good for them on a day by day basis.

Think about it like this, if you tell a person who hates being on camera they need to live stream every day they are going to hate their business.

If you tell someone who loves presenting they need to pour over their analytics every day they’ll want to kill themselves.

We’ve all heard of Work Satisfaction, but what about Business Satisfaction?

The assumption is that if we work for ourselves all those issues that we had in corporate – like dealing with bosses and politics and work we don’t like – go away.

But that’s not completely true.

Instead, we have to manage ourselves as opposed to being managed (either well or badly) by other people and we have to figure out what gets done and by who all by ourselves.

But there are ways of starting a business that fits your personality and running your business in a way that also feels good to you and to set up an environment that suits you, but most of us don’t know how to do that because we never had to before.

The first step is to really understand how you operate. That’s where I started with my clients.

I would figure out how they operated and what they needed to feel good in a business, essentially what would give them business satisfaction, and it worked really well.

The Entrepreneurial Design Profile

I never really shared what I was doing because it seemed like what else would I be doing? Surely that’s what they were paying me for, but then I realized no one else is talking about this.

Almost exclusively other leaders in the field are pushing one way of doing things – the way that worked for them.

No one is thinking or talking about how to create work satisfaction inside businesses, but it can be done.

So recently I sat down and worked out exactly what I had been doing when I helped build my clients’ businesses so that I could turn it into something that could be used outside of my own head and The Entrepreneurial Design Profile was born.

Doing meaningful work isn’t enough

The main reason why this is so important is because doing meaningful work isn’t enough.
Let that sink in: Meaningful work isn’t enough.

We all know we want meaningful work. That’s a given right?

It’s the statement I hear most frequently from people.

But we don’t want to feel bad on a daily basis to do it.

We make the assumption that getting rid of a shitty boss or office will fix that but if you start the wrong business you are just recreating a dissatisfying work environment in another form.

Of course, anything rewarding and worth doing is hard at times, there is no getting past that. And I’m not saying being a business owner is easy by any means.

But if we are to work for ourselves and be able to stick at it long enough to reach all the lofty aspirations we have for ourselves and others with our work we need to feel good most of the time doing it.

We need Business Satisfaction.

And how to we achieve that? By knowing how we operate, how you want to show up in your business, by finding those elements of your personality and harnessing them.

As Oprah says “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”

If you combine meaningful work, which for it to be meaningful has to be connected to purpose, with building a business that is designed to fit your personality, then you have it all.

The Entrepreneurial Design Profile is that missing piece – how to not just start, but be running a business that fits your personality. Not running a business that fundamentally clashes with who you are.

As I said, it’s version 1.0 at the moment but I hope it will give some insight into who you are and how to start and run your business so you are getting some business satisfaction (Cat breaks out some Rolling Stones in her head).

You can get your Entrepreneurial Design Profile at or follow the link in the show notes.

It’s completely free and there is no launch or promotion attached to it.

I’d love to know what you think

First, take the Entrepreneurial Design Assessment to get your profile. Then I’d love to know:

  • Do you think personality influences what business you should start and how it?
  • Do you feel that the entrepreneurial scene in general tries to push you in one direction or to be a certain way?

Let me know in the comments below.

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