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Episode 1 – Your Business, Your Rules – Where And How We Get To Make The Rules!

Welcome to the very first episode of Your Business, Your Rules! I am excited that you are here with me and ready to dive into creating or growing your online business.

In this podcast I’m going to be making sense of and exploring what works in online entrepreneurship and what doesn’t so you don’t have to learn the lessons the hard way and can get to where you want to be faster.

All with a promise of no BS, no scammyness, and no dodgy one hit wonders. This is all about building a sustainable, ethical online business.

Which won’t happen overnight but it can happen surprisingly quickly when you focus on the right things.

Because after all what we really want is to get you away from the boring commute and drudge work to being to a place of doing fulfilling work where you get to decide who you work with, how you work with them, how much you get paid and essentially you make the rules.

Woo hoo

So let’s settle in and get into our first topic:

What does “Your Business, Your Rules” really mean?

I wanted to talk about this first because a business really does work as a system. And what I mean by that is some things have to be there for it to work – so we don’t have complete and total free rein.

In the same way a human being is a system. We need blood flow, a brain to co-ordinate this whole crazy vessel and of course a whole lot more. We can choose how we dress, who we are friends with and a lot of other options but some things just need to be happening for survival.

And a business also needs some fundamental things in place too. Otherwise it can become just an expensive hobby or just never get off the ground.

We can’t sell things people don’t want and we can’t make money if it just doesn’t add up.

So where exactly to we get to make the rules?

This is a really important point which is why I wanted to start here.

Picasso said “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.

I love this idea because it’s about learning how things are working so you can do them your way.

What are the rules of business or how does it work?

Really business has two fundamental concepts or “rules” behind it – maths, and psychology.

The maths is where you literally sit down and work out if sell x number of this product or service can I deliver it and make money?

The psychology is the human side. We need to create something to sell that people want. It has to be appealing, speak to a real human need (which is something we’ll talk about in a later episode) and be something people are prepared to pay for.

So it’s numbers and it’s people. Those are the fundamentals, the pieces you can’t change. The rules so to speak.

Outside of that it’s personality. It’s you.

You get to make the rules and in many ways you should make the rules.

Because part of standing out is being different.

So where can you make the rules exactly?

Where you get to make the rules from here is kind of like peeling the layers of an onion – it’s all the way through.

I like to break it down into 4 main layers of the onion and from the inside out those are idea, values, tasks and environment.

Your Business Idea

Let’s start with your idea.

Of course which business you choose to start, your business idea, is deeply personal. It’s all about who you are.

Even if you feel you don’t have a passion and passion is one of those words when used in a business context that makes me groan because most people don’t have a passion or know what business they should start.

Even if you don’t have one big thing that you already know you want to achieve your business idea is still going to be something that fits your experience, interests and skillset. It’s all about you and your personality.

Next is your values

For example in my business I don’t believe it’s okay to be aggressive or rude to anyone in my company. Maybe in a big telecoms company where angry people call the service desk all day long that would have to be okay but as I get to do it my way in the type of business I run I basically say no way.

And after the one time that this did happen and it was raised as issue I decided it’s part of my terms and conditions. No aggression to anyone either other clients or staff will be tolerated. It’s important to me that my company provides a safe and nurturing environment, whether you’re a client or not.

I also decided that personalization is important to me. I don’t want people to feel lost in a crowd when working with me so I make sure all my programs have personal touch points.

Think about what will be important to you when you work for yourself and if you already do how can you live your values in your work.

Next your tasks

What do you choose to DO in your business and HOW do you do it.

One way that I am unusual compared to other business owners I know is I choose to do most of my tech myself.

Because it’s fun for me.

I have a tech background and I like figuring stuff out. Usually. I have my limits though – and there was a while when this podcast set up was stretching me!

I have clients that are incredible photographers and they love to do their own design whereas for me I outsource this because it’s not something I’m great at.

As another example In my marketing I like to do everything online so I focus on marketing that doesn’t involve me needing to be anywhere.

Whereas I have a business building buddy and she LOVES to meet people and network in person so she does a lot of in person stuff. We both choose ways to market that fit our personalities and that’s the way it should be.

Lastly your environment

Do you want to be in a co-working space so you can bounce ideas off people in person or do you prefer to be at home and just reach out to people when things come up?

Personally, I live in a rainforest in Australia. I love it here and I doubt I’ll ever move. So unless I’m taking my business on the road and travelling I work from home. With breaks to get some summer sun or smell the roses. Or take my extremely energetic dog Bowie out for a walk.

It’s where I want to be so I chose to run my business in a way that allows me to do that.

What do you want?

So where do you want to be? What kind of work do you want to do and how do you want to do it? What are the values that you want to bring into your business and which is the right business idea for you?

Lots to think about and of course, you don’t have to decide right now!

The point is in almost every area – you get to make the rules.

There are so many ways to “make your own rules” and I want to open your mind to what life could look like on the entrepreneurial path.

It won’t come without work and it won’t happen overnight but I think it’s worth it.

So what have we talked about today?

We need to know the rules so we can break them!

The pieces you can’t changed are the maths and psychology meaning human nature that are part of business.

Outside of that you really can do business your way.

How you do it your way permeates through all the layers of your business. Think of the layers like an onion – from idea, to values, to which work you do and how you do it to your working environment.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m going to share some really interesting and different ways of thinking about business and of course guide you in how you can actually start or improve your business.

More than anything I want you to be doing it your way.

So that’s it for the first episode of Your Business, Your Rules. I hope you’ve heard something new, had fun and are feeling inspired to get working on that business of yours.

I can’t tell you fun it has been for me to start this podcast. Way more fun than I ever imagined I’d have “at work” I was using air quotes there by the way. So please stick around and enjoy the ride.

There’s lots more where that came from!