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Episode 46 – Your Business, Your Rules – The Book. The What, Why, How & Some Behind The Scenes.

First the what. What?! There’s a Your Business, Your Rules book?!

Yes, there is! If you receive emails from me you’ll know about this and may even be bored with hearing about it.

If you are hearing about this in the podcast you may not have known because I think I may have only mentioned it once briefly.

The Your Business, Your Rules book is designed to be a guide to starting a business, but it’s very different from any other business book I know of.

The way that it’s different is two-fold.

The first reason it’s different is that it starts at a much higher level than other business books.

We start by understanding the business landscape so you can choose the right type of business.

Then look at choosing the right business idea for you.

Only then do we get into how to start that business.

All while making sure you don’t lose yourself or end up trying to be someone else in the process.

Which brings us nicely to the why…

So, why was the Your Business, Your Rules book written?

Most business advice is received out of context

The reason I wrote this book, rather than another book, is because most business advice is out of context.

Which makes it really hard to make good decisions with it.

To explain what I mean by this let’s do a comparison to another area of life.

Let’s say you were looking to lose weight you might come across a piece of advice on the Internet that tells you eating apples helps weight-loss.

So maybe, you start eating more apples.

But without the knowledge of HOW apples might make you lose weight, and in what combination and what type of metabolism it could work for you or which type of apples even you have no CONTEXT as to what to do with that information and you could cause all kinds of damage to your health and could even gain weight.

The same is true for business.

So many people start a particular type of business because they hear you can make money with it or someone else did well with it.

But without knowing the context of how that type of business works and how it fits in with that person’s goals, personality, workstyle, and any other money-making ventures they may have going, it’s relatively useless information.

In order to make good business decisions that lead towards what you (not anyone else) want for your life, you need to understand how business works at a high level and then work down.

And, so that you make the right decisions for you personally, you want to understand a little more about yourself (fun!) so that you actually get what you want. Not what sounds like an awesome life for someone else.

That’s the reason why I wrote the book.

When people have enough context, and we never will have all the information, they can make good decisions.

And good decisions lead to much, much better results.

The Your Business, Your Rules book explains how business works from the top, then explains how each type of business you could start works, then shows you what I believe is the best option, then explains how to set it up.

And how to do that your way.

Without understanding the context of how it all works your foray into entrepreneurship could end up being a bunch of broken dreams.

Like for example the time when you read that a membership platform is the newest and best business model out there and the best way to promote it is Facebook live streams, so you tortured yourself for months and made only $53 for your efforts.

Or the time you bought an e-course on how to create e-courses and then built an e-course only to discover you had no one to sell your e-course to.


Or what about the time you got all excited about your new coaching business, built a website and then nothing happened?

All of these situations can be avoided by understanding the context, the context of how business works.

So to create less broken dreams in the world and more positive outcomes I wrote the book.

Most how-to-start-a-business books are vague

The other reason for writing the book is most how-to books in this genre are vague.

They offer a bunch of options and don’t really explain how they work or what to do in what order.

They remind me of big-ticket mastermind programs to be honest.

Useful information, but what should I implement in what order to make this work for me in my situation?

Your Business, Your Rules is designed to give you context and enough information to make decisions for your situation on what to do next.

I like everything to be sequential. It’s the systems part of me.

How Was The Your Business, Your Rules Book Written

I share this because people have been really interested and you may one day write a book too.

I’m going to keep this simple to show you that it can be just that.

I had a lot of the material in different forms already, from my blog and from the podcast.

I spent about 2 months, in between other stuff working out what should go in the book and what didn’t fit and then getting it in the right order. The table of contents essentially.

I felt that the flow is really important for people’s understanding and therefore how much they get out of the book.

After I had that I just had to fill in the gaps.

I cut and pasted everything I had in the right places and recorded myself talking for the sections that needed writing. I did this because after several months of not writing I discovered I could just record myself and get it transcribed. #winning

Then there were multiple run-throughs of me changing, rewriting, tidying up.

Then Kris Emery worked her magic.

Then typesetting happened.

Then the cover happened.

And then finally – a book!

Some behind the scenes & the launch

It was hard to write the book but it wasn’t as hard as many people have imagined.

If I cut out the time in the middle when I focused on other projects it only took seven months from start to launch date and one month of that was lost over Christmas where lots of businesses close down in Australia.

What I will say is this was the first project I’ve ever done where I was seriously challenged to be able to work on it.

In the end, the only thing that got me to finish was setting a date to hand over to my editor and putting down the money for editing to lock in the date.

Getting to the end of torturous but I made it. HOORAY!

The launch was also really interesting. The book was free for an initial period of two days and it hit #1 Best Seller in seven categories across the US and Australia.

Once the free promo was over it still ranked pretty well and hit #1 in Women and Business in Australia and #1 in Online Services in the US just the other day.

So that’s the down low on the book!

Was it worth it?

Yes absolutely.

More than anything because of the positive feedback I’ve had about it.

Plus I like a challenge.

If you are looking to live, work and make money your way definitely get your copy. It’s available online at Amazon, Book Depository and Barnes and Noble.

And you can see the trailer here:

Now I’d like to hear from you

Have you considered writing a book?

Have you already written a book?

How did it go for you?

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