Your Business, Your Rules

Live, Work, and Make Money Your Way

In this book, you'll learn:
  • The only two business rules that any business owner needs to play by.
  • Where you get to make your own rules. (Hint: almost everywhere).
  • How to choose the right type of business for you with guidance on the option that gives you the most freedom to play your own way.
  • What success looks like to you and how to reach it.
  • The action steps to start your business so that you can live, work and make money your way.

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Who Should Read It? These 4 Types Of People...

1. You are at the beginning of your business journey.

Lots of things are unclear to you. What type of business should you start? How do you choose a business idea? What kind of marketing do you need to do?

Your Business, Your Rules answers all those questions and more.

2. You want to start a business but you're worried about the different options you're seeing out there and none of them feel like you.

WELCOME! Your Business, Your Rules is about building a business and doing it your way.

Not someone else's way.

It's about harnessing your personal strengths and not needing to be someone else to make your business a success.

3. You've done all the courses and read all the books and you're more confused than when you started.

There's a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there. There are also a lot of people telling you to do it their way.

Your Business, Your Rules explains exactly how business works so that it makes sense to you. This gives you the power to make the decisions you need to move forward and make progress.

3. You've started your business and it's not working - yet.

Your Business, Your Rules is not a prescription. It explains how business works, so that you, the business owner, can see which area you need work on to move forward.


About The Author

Cat LeBlanc is CEO and Chief Business Strategist at

She helps budding entrepreneurs all over the world design, build and grow a business that is truly unique to them, so they can live life on their own terms.

She hosts the Your Business, Your Rules podcast and has written for Business Insider, Huffington Post and other prestigious publications.

Cat prides herself on rarely leaving her house for anything business-related and is a big fan of pyjama days.

She lives in the temperate rainforests near Melbourne, Australia and shares her life and log cabin style home with her fiancé Adrian, fur-son Bowie, and the kind of exotic back garden wildlife you only find in Australia.