You may have noticed this, but when you are starting a big project EVERYONE and his dog has an opinion! EVERYONE.

So who do you listen to? Everyone has your best interests at heart but ask yourself this – what is their opinion based on?

In this video we’ll talk about whose advice you should be listening to.


Now, because I’m a business coach, you may be thinking I’m going to say that you should ONLY listen to advice from business coaches – but that’s not my point at all. You certainly don’t have to be paying for advice for it to be good advice. But how DO you know whose advice to listen to?

Here’s a great example. A client of mine recently lost a potential client, because the client’s friend advised her not to spend any more money on her business, since she wasn’t making much money yet.

Was this good advice? Without knowing all the details, it’s hard to say, but from my own business, I know that often new business owners MUST invest in the beginning so that they can make more money – not the other way around.

It’s a sad situation because my coach friend didn’t have the opportunity to help that potential client, and worse, the client will likely go down the path of not choosing her business which has been her passion but she is giving up on. The friend likely had her best interests at heart – but as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

So how can you evaluate when someone gives you advice?

1. First, ask yourself: Is it based on their own experience of building a successful business?

If you have friends, family members or mentors who have built and run a successful business, I would rate their advice higher than others.

2. Is it based on their belief that everyone needs a job?

You might laugh, but this is a very common belief. Older generations, like your parents, for example, may have had this drilled into them from a young age. I’ve heard countless stories of wildly successful entrepreneurs whose parents still wish they would just get a job!

3. Finally, is it coming from a place of their own insecurity?

They may not believe in their own ability to leave a secure job in favor of entrepreneurship. Or, they might be JEALOUS of your courage and freedom. Their emotions will taint their advice to you.


I believe you have to look at whether the person offering advices is truly on board with your vision for your life and whether or not that person is someone who has actually done this themselves.


If the person fits both criteria? Great! But it may be that no one in your current circles fits both of these, and if so, you need to find new people to ask – like a coach or a mentor – or go with your gut.

No one questions your loved ones’ good intentions, but you must decide whose opinion to listen to when getting advice.

Everyone has an opinion, but you need  to be careful who you listen to, because there will be very well meaning people out there who will squash your dreams.

In other words, don’t take advice from your uncle who believes everyone should have a steady job, or from that friend who has tried and failed to start a business dozens of times. Take advice from the people who are living the life you dream of.

Now I’d love to hear from you

Have you ever wondered whether you should take someone’s advice?

Who do you listen to for business advice?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…


  1. Becky on March 8, 2015 at 2:42 am

    I take advice from people I trust but I am also fine with going off on my own sometimes. I think it’s called the school of hard knocks…..

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