I’ve recently come back from my round the world trip. This was part of my experiment in taking my business on the road. If you want to read about how the first part (Germany) went and get my tips and tricks on how to combine business with vacation that’s all here.

Part 2, New York, was all about making the impossible, yet simultaneously inevitable, happen.

I have big dreams in my business and while I generally consider myself an introvert, you can’t make everything happen by staying at home in your active wear.

So,  New York it was!There are lots of hubs of activity in the online marketing world, but the main hub for me is New York City. I was there in March and made some great connections (you can see pics of that trip here) and I wanted to keep that momentum going.

I decided to travel to New York this time when no particular event was happening. My intention was to meet people, be there for opportunity to strike and integrate into the highly successful NYC entrepreneurial scene.

With practically everything else I do in business I have specific goals and metrics. I don’t do anything unless it’s moving me towards those goals. With this trip it was more about relationships and the fun side of business and just seeing what would happen.

This time I wanted to allow serendipity

I went with an open mind and a flexible wardrobe. Anything could show up. The only success metric I had was if I felt I made the most of my time there.

Here’s what I manifested

  • An invitation to a rooftop VIP party (where I was one of the VIPs)
  • A million dollar view of Central Park at bargain basement prices
  • Numerous lunch/coffee/dinner dates with business owners and writers I really admire
  • Chance encounters with amazing people I had never heard of and later googled how incredible they are
  • An opportunity to write for a new publication about my NYC experiences (more coming soon on this)

Here’s how I made this happen

Not all of this happened because of straight forward strategy. The view was a incredible fluke (sorry I keep forgetting – epic manifestation) of me deciding to downgrade (yes, downgrade!) where I was staying in NYC and take a bit of a risk, then the check in lady not realising that the room she gave me was actually technically an upgrade AND the fact that bizarrely those rooms were not available through online booking. What?! We’ll call it the universe getting me a great room.

Aside from that – here’s what I did:

1 – I asked

I put myself out there. I invited people out to lunch, I asked if they had time for coffee. I went to every single thing they in turn invited me too. Even if it was a bit scary, I needed to buy appropriate shoes or I felt a bit out of place at times. And incredibly, every single person I asked said yes.

Lesson: Even if you aren’t sure, ask.

The way to do this elegantly is give people an out if they need it. That way if they can’t, or whatever reason don’t want to, they don’t have to feel bad about saying no. This can be as simple as “I know you’re probably really busy but if you have time next week for lunch or a coffee I’m in town and I’d love to meet up in person. Let me know if there’s a time that could work for you.”. That way if they genuinely can’t they can say no with a clear conscious.

2 – I built some relationships before I got on the plane

Most of the people I met I had some kind of prior connection to, so they weren’t saying yes to a coffee date with a complete stranger.

This might leave you asking how can you meet the people you want to be hanging out with in the first place. The way that I did this was by meeting and connecting (if only over Skype) with lots of different people I found interesting over the course of my time in business.

Lesson: Take the time to connect with interesting people. It will pay off.

Some of us started at the same time and have become more successful, some were my mentor or coach and some I know through other people. Essentially it’s been about being interested in other people and their business journey and making connections wherever possible.

3 – I acted as an equal

It’s easy to get intimidated by the success of others. Particularly people further ahead of you on the business journey. The thing is, that’s what they are – they are people further ahead than you in some aspects of the business journey. I could have felt intimidated by some people’s massive financial success and had a fan girl moment or thought that people were ‘better than me’ or treated them as celebrities, but instead I choose to see people as peers. We are both successful in different ways. I take that attitude no matter who I meet. That way you are always treated as an equal.

Lesson: You choose how people see you.

4 – I believed that anything was possible

I went with an open mind. It was possible that nothing would happen but I went with the attitude anything could happen. I think because of this the trip far exceeded my expectations.

5 – I wasn’t transactional

I went with a long term strategy. I didn’t go to make affiliate deals or set up strategic partnerships, I went because part of the reason I am in business is to hang out with amazing people. That’s what I want on a personal level in my business. The relationship is more important than anything than might come out of it business-wise. And because I take that attitude more tends to happen anyway, because people can feel if you are there because you want something.

And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without pictures!

Cat Collage


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  1. Louise Campbell on August 17, 2016 at 8:03 pm

    Hi Cat!

    Love your article. So excited to have found it – it’s so helpful :)

    I’m in New York next week for the first time – for a Selena Soo’s event. I don’t know many people so I totally took your advice above and reached out to a few people I think might be there. And I got a couple of responses – thanks so much for the tip and actual script, it makes it so much easier to reach out when you know how to say it – without sounding desperate.

    It was invaluable :)
    Thank you!

    • Cat LeBlanc on August 18, 2016 at 11:28 am

      Fabulous! I am sure you’ll have an amazing time. Please do let me know how to the trip goes and so glad the script helped!

      Cat x

  2. Kim on August 16, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    I love this Cat! So very insightful. And of course I love NYC too.

    • Cat LeBlanc on August 16, 2016 at 7:07 pm

      Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you tomorrow :-)

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