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What Do Your Clients Need To Feel To Buy From You?

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Episode 28 – What do your clients need to feel to buy

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Okay, on to episode 28 – What do your clients need to feel to buy?

There is really only one place from which people buy from you.

That is that they want to move away from where they are now to somewhere or something better better.

If I was having an extremely difficult time meeting a quality man I might get coaching to figure out what was going wrong so I could meet a good man and feel better.

If I was having difficulty figuring out what new career I wanted to get into and was hating my job I might hire a career coach so I could find my new career and feel better.

Even if I was browsing in a store and saw some shoes I really loved my reason for buying them is because it moves me to a better state, a better place. If I have those shoes I am going to be excited about wearing them.

Seems simple right?

What do your clients need to feel to buy?

In order to move people into taking action they need to feel:
  1. Strong positive emotion about the place you’ll enable them to get to
  2. And, in an ideal buying situation, strong enough negative emotion where they are to be motivated to take action

The first part is crucial, the client needs to have a strong positive emotional charge towards the outcome you are giving them.

The second part is optional but the worse the client feels about their current situation, of course not that we want anyone to feel bad, the more motivated they will be to change their circumstances.

Here’s where people often go wrong

The place you want to take them to can’t be emotionally neutral.

What is emotionally neutral?

Things that are in balance are emotionally neutral.

As much as balance and harmony sound wonderful the reality is that those terms have very little emotional charge.

Neutral doesn't sell

You literally can’t get excited about more balance, because there is neutrality about it. It almost feels like nothing.

It’s a state of nothing wrong, it’s doesn’t indicate feeling amazing.

People don’t lie in bed awake at night tossing and turning because they want more balance.

They want more of something, but the more they are specifically thinking about gets them excited is not balance.

Let’s take the most extreme case of a group of people who have no balance in their lives – new parents.

Parents are up at all hours of the night, dealing with screaming babies. Even in those extreme circumstances people don’t usually wish for balance. What they really want is:

  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Quality time with their partner or friends
  • Independence from the role as a mother or father
  • A break

And people catering to those needs could fill the gap:

  • Uninterrupted sleep – you get hire someone to help your baby sleep.
    Some quality time with their partner or friends – you can get a babysitter.
    Independence from the role as a mother or father – regular child care enables people to take on personal projects.
    A break – hello relatives!

So what do you need to be aware of when you want to create something people will buy?

What you need to be aware of is that you can’t get wrapped up in the idea of selling people something that sounds nice on paper but no one gets excited enough to buy.

The fact that a lack of emotion is an issue when it comes to decision-making has been shown in scientific studies.

Antonio Damasio, a Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Southern California, has done research that shows that emotion is needed in order to make a decision.

He performed a study on people with emotional impairment, but whose logical areas of their brain were unaffected. His subjects were able to process information and think critically, but couldn’t make decisions because they didn’t know how they felt.

That is huge.

What that means is it doesn’t matter how strong your case is, if people feel nothing they have no basis to make a decision.

Does what I am selling evoke strong emotions?

So the things to think about if you want to have a profitable service-based business is:

Does what I am selling evoke a strong positive emotion when people think about moving towards the outcome?

If yes great.

Is my clients current situation have a negative emotional charge to make them a motivated buyer?

From a business perspective, even better.

Now I’d love to hear from you

Have you ever tried to sell something and now you see it has an emotionally neutral outcome?

Have you ever wondered why people don’t buy?

Let me know in the comments below…

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