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Two Ways You Can Bring ‘Passion’ Into Your Business If You Don’t Have A Passion-Based Business Idea

You have probably heard from everywhere on the internet that you need to be passionate about the business idea that you go for, otherwise it’s doomed before you start.

Here’s what I believe – while passion IS important in business there are more ways to achieve it that you might think.

Passion, or drive to accomplish something, is always going to help you keep moving forward because there is a greater meaning to the work you are doing.

And honestly, a lot of business really is about persistence, even when it gets tough or takes you outside of your comfort zone.

But you don’t necessarily have to be passionate about the core part of the business

If you are passionate about it WONDERFUL.

But here are a few things to think about if you aren’t or you are struggling to think of business ideas (if that’s you check out my free business idea training)

Ultimately what a lot of people are looking for is financial freedom and the ability to work for themselves. There are many more people in this category than people that have a marketable passion and want to make it a business.

When you run your own business you wear a lot of hats. In the beginning you will be the finance person, the social media manager, the blog writer, the marketing person etc etc. The great advantage of this is that you can choose to do the things that you love inside your business and hire out the things that you don’t.

If you love photography you can do your own photos and use social media channels that show off your visual flair.

If you like technology you can do the website or the tech side of the business. I still do this in my business and I love it!

In this way you can follow your passion ‘through’ your business

You may decide that photography online isn’t the business that is going to meet your income needs, but you can still bring in photography into your business.

You might not want to be a social media manager as your main business but you can do your own social media.

In this sense business is very flexible. You can do what you love IN the business and not necessarily make IT the business.

You can also use this idea to ‘merge’ business ideas if you have multiple passions or you are looking to bring different sides of your personality into a business. You can make one passion your main business and bring in some of the fun stuff that you love into other elements of your business.

Thinking about it this way, especially if you aren’t feeling particularly ‘passionate’ about any idea, can make it a lot more fun because you get to do what interests you on a daily basis without your business, at least in the beginning, being a ‘passion project’ for you.

The outcome of your business can lead to following your passion

This is another way of essentially getting what you want out of life through a business.

In reality what almost all of us want is more time with our family and friends, freedom, financial independence to travel and buy the things we want and space to be healthy.

Often the passion comes from that place rather than a passion for the work that you deliver.

Being in charge of your destiny is also a big one. Along with not having to bow to the rules of others.

I love to travel, sometimes it is work-related, sometimes it isn’t.

I am also currently addicted to watching the show ‘Suits’ at odd hours. All of which I can do BECAUSE OF my business.

I didn’t try to make travel my business because I knew at least for me it wouldn’t work. And of course no one is going to pay me to review their TV shows!

Don’t be fooled by the pure ‘follow you passion’ crowd

Even if you aren’t clear on if you have something you need to bring to the world or not there is likely something you can do online purely through the experience and skills you have gained so far in life.

What do you think about this?

Do you think it is essential to be passionate about the service you are delivering?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And if you are deciding on your business idea check out this free business idea training













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