Have you ever thought that the online world might just have become a little too… ‘online’?

Everyone wants (or thinks they want) to build these mega businesses and serve thousands.

All of course while they sip a fancy cocktail with an umbrella in it on a beach somewhere.

Passive income. That’s where it’s at.

Or is it?

I think it isn’t.

Why I’m doing ‘things that don’t scale’

I had a realisation in my business that I like working with individuals – real people.

And that means I need to think about ‘things that don’t scale’, a concept originally created by Paul Graham in the tech startup world.

If I think about working with a sea of people I get stressed out. I wondered about this for a while and realised this truth:

I can’t guide you to reach your full potential as a business owner if I don’t know who you are.

So about two months ago now I made a really freeing decision, a decision that enables me to stay true to myself.

That decision was to limit the numbers of people that I have in ALL of my programs.

By doing this I have been able to ensure that each of my programs, from the fundamental to the high end has a coaching element where you can get feedback on your work from me.

A place where we can know each others names and faces rather than just being email addresses in the CRM system.

What it was, that realisation, was that personally I need to limit my numbers in order to do my best work and to really deliver results for people, for you.

And if the goal is self-actualisation I need to be doing my best work.

This isn’t new…

I’d already been creating products like this for the life of my business, although Ignition was initially closer to an ecourse it always had a group platform for you to ask me questions that I answered personally.

At the same time, there is a movement in the market place of people who are fed up with the model of gigantic ‘faceless’ ecourses where no one knows who you are, where there isn’t any coaching, where you are just a face in the crowd having to do your best to make their course work for you.

There is a movement against this model, people want individualisation.

For me personally, as someone who can only guide you as an individual this is an important movement. I know who I am and I know what I do. One of my key strengths is understanding you as a unique individual. So for me this makes sense as a business decision, and it doesn’t limit my income growth, which is something a lot of people seem to be concerned about.

It’s all about these personal touches that make the difference, that’s what gives you as a client, or potential client, and your clients the opportunity to achieve true sustainable transformation. It’s why, even as my business has grown, I still reach out to people and see if I can help them, why I still do free strategy sessions.

With a limited number of people in each of my programs, it’s even more important that we know each other and make sure it’s the right fit before we decide to work together.

I personally feel like that is the way that I can best serve you. As this model moves with the market it also still means that I can earn the money I need to maintain the lifestyle that makes me happy and healthy.

This is what people want. To be seen as individuals.

They don’t really want to have another program, that may have great content, but will only get you so far if you don’t have the individual support to apply it.

What can you do?

If more personalisation and not less resonates with you (and if you have read this far I’m guessing the answer to that is yes). Then I would encourage you to think about how you can incorporate personal elements into your business. Apart from the direct contact coaching elements in my programs, my quiz is another example of this. The quiz gives people a personalised result – it’s not as individual as a strategy session, but it is still personalised to 25 different profiles.

Incorporating personal touches into your business is a way to differentiate yourself in that you are available. If your business is small, this is the easiest thing to do!

Yet it is something that still makes sense for an established and larger business, I know artists who distribute their handcrafted accessories to any number of customers, yet still send a little hand written thank you note with orders. There’s also an online shop for natural personal care & cosmetic products who send hand written thank you post cards with each order.

This is what makes something special. This is what makes any interaction a treat. Having not only a name and a face, and a voice. But a name and a face and a voice that knows your name. Knows your situation, your specific needs and who is making it their business to address those needs for YOU.