Meet Coco!

Coco Berlin

Coco is a body, mind and soul coach for women and the creator of Essence of Bellydance and Sensuous Dance Workout, her own dancing methods. Coco has danced all over the world, been on major TV-shows and has now created a teaching certification course and her first DVD.

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Meet Caylie!

Caylie Better Business Better Life 710

Caylie runs Better Business Better Life. Her business is all about lead generation. She helps entrepreneurs create opt-in strategies that bring in leads and in turn increase sales.

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Meet Niki. Here she is in an amazing Halloween costume!

Niki Davison Snickerdoodle Photography

Niki and I met when I was on a three-month road trip through Canada and the US.  Niki is the first person I ever met who had given up working at a job and had started her own small business so I am pretty sure a seed was planted that day!

Niki is the owner of Snickerdoodle Photography, which specializes mainly in portraiture, engagement portraiture and wedding photography.  She is currently living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I hope you enjoy her story!

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Meet Camille!


Camille is a dating mentor who helps single successful women in attracting their Mr Right, so they can have the relationship they deserve.

She helps ladies with how to attract the suitable partner, how to navigate from the casual dating stage into a committed relationship, who to stay away from and also how to really feel beautiful inside and out, because it all starts with the relationship with ourselves. Cliché but true!

And oh boy, do I wish I had met her earlier in life, but that is a story for another day :-)

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Meet Victoria…

Victoria Prozan

Victoria is a Business Storyteller who helps entrepreneurs with their brand and customer experience. Specifically she creates names and taglines, product names, book names, really anything that needs branded language.

Her new offering is Creative Ambrosia, a curated list of media designed to feed creativity in business owners for the long term.

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize they are creative, yet the people who are the most successful are innovators. By feeding your creativity you can create a business that is different from the pack, and that is where your power lies.

Victoria really is a creative powerhouse and I am honoured that she could find time for an Idea Spotlight Interview.

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