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Episode 45 – 9 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge Into Marketable Products And Services

You’ve got a skill or talent of some kind that you want to turn into a business, but how exactly should you sell it?

In what form does it make sense and what are all the options for making it into something you can ask for money for?

I do have a recommendation for the best business model to start a business with, but here I want to explain all the ways that you can transfer value so you have some different ways to think about what makes sense for you.

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Episode 26 – How To Hit Your Income Goals 3-10x Faster Using Profit Power

Right now Cat is about to share some kind of new fancy marketing technique right? WRONG! Ha ha ha.

But so you’ll actually believe me first I’m going to talk about what profit power looks like in your business and what it looks like if you don’t have it.

Then we’ll talk about what it is… And how to get it.

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Episode 23 – How To Set Your Pricing

This is a super juicy topic and one that gets people really riled up and is something that can feel very personal.

The reason it feels personal is because it’s putting a value on your time and current skill level.

So it IS a personal decision, but before we get to how to set your pricing I want to explain that it’s not a representation of your intrinsic worth.

What do I mean by that?

I mean your pricing is a representation of your current skill level as an entrepreneur right now.

It has nothing to do with how good a person you are or your worth as a human being. So just because you might charge more or less than someone else that just reflects your current stage and type of business, not YOU as a multifaceted human being and your personal worth.

So when you hear the “charge what you are worth!” rhetoric remember to separate the two.

Okay, so how should you set your pricing?

Pricing is affected by four things:

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Episode 19 – What will people pay for? (It’s Just 7 Things)

When you’re starting out a business or looking to add a new offering to what you already have it can seem pretty confusing. You start to ask yourself an extremely important question – what do people pay for?

While we buy many thousands of different things, I looked for some stats on this and I found on a minimalist blog that the average American home has 300,000 things in it, there are actually relatively few underlying reasons for buying anything.

This is because fundamentally we are all humans with the same set of core needs.

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Episode 18 – The Leverage Ladder – When Does It Make Sense To Skip Ahead To Passive Income

If you haven’t listened to episode 17 yet I definitely recommend listening to that first. In that episode I talked about growing your business and when it makes sense to start working on passive income.

Notice I said “start working on” because it will take work!

We talked before about what you need to make passive income and it’s not just a product to sell.

For it to be worth your time and for you to make what most people would consider a salary rather than some pocket money you need:

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