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Episode 56 – Cookie Cutter Or Custom: What’s The Best Approach In Business?

What is a cookie-cutter approach?

We use the term cookie cutter to indicate each one is the same, like a guaranteed formula for something that works.

In baking it means all your cookies should come out the same shape.

In business, franchises are the most extreme example of this.

They take a proven business model that you can slot in to but you have to do everything exactly by the book.

Which appeals to you more: a tried-and-true method for accomplishing something; or a personalised, totally unique approach?

I actually think there’s a middle and better ground on this.

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Episode 44 – When Is The Right Time To Start Your Business?

You don’t want to start at the wrong time and mess it up. You want to make sure you’re ready for this huge new stage in life.

But then you don’t want to waste time either.

We all learn at school it’s important to prepare, so which way is it? How prepared should you be?

Plus what if you have other stuff going on right now?

When should you start?

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Cat LeBlanc

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Episode 37 – How To Start Your Business

If you’re thinking of starting a business this year – great! You have probably already spent a lot of time thinking, researching, talking to people and preparing (although, hopefully not too much).

If you’re sure of your business idea – that’s wonderful! If not check out this article.

So assuming you’ve got your business idea, the one that is going to get you excited to get up in the morning and you know exactly what niche you are targeting, what’s next?

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Episode 31 – What Kind Of Marketing Should You Do When?

I’m excited to talk about this, because, well it’s a question that people don’t realize they should be asking themselves and a lot of the time if their foundation is good, the reason they aren’t making money, in the beginning, is because of the kind of marketing they are doing.

Let’s dive in

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Episode 28 – What do your clients need to feel to buy

First before we start, I have a request – if you listen to my podcast and get value from it I would really really really really appreciate if you could take 2 minutes and leave a review in iTunes or which ever podcast provider you use.

How do you do that? Most like in your podcast app on your phone go to Library, then click on Your Business, Your Rules, scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see an option to leave a review or if you are in the blog click the iTunes or Stitcher links below.

Thank you so so much. This makes a huge difference to getting my work in front of people who really need it.

Okay, on to episode 28 – What do your clients need to feel to buy?

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