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How to Always Know What to Blog About

Cat LeBlancYou know you need a blog to support your online business.  It’s good for SEO, a great way for potential customers to learn about you, and a way to give back to your community.

But what the HELL are you supposed to blog about??

I see this problem come up with lots of new business owners: We start out strong, writing a few blog posts about what we know best, or even a few months of blog posts, and then we hit a wall.  We feel like we’ve talked about everything there is to talk about, or that we’re repeating ourselves.

And we’re supposed to keep doing this – FOREVER?!

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Practical Dreaming: Why You Need It To Get Ahead In Business

Cat LeBlancI am a very practical person. I find not much gets done without practicality and I generally look before I leap in most things.

I like to have a plan. And a back up plan.

But I’m also a dreamer.

Does that surprise you?

In my experience, people get very practical about business. And I am one of them! But in order to be a successful business owner, you also have to be a dreamer. You have to be both.

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7 Confidence Building Activities To Make You A Better Business Owner

Cat LeBlancThey say that starting a business is like going through intense therapy; it brings up all your issues and personal stuff that you have to work through in order to make things work.
I see this all the time with my clients (and myself!) and one of the most common places it shows up is in our confidence.
Clients tell me that they’re afraid to post their blogs or mention their opt-in offer on social media because they’re afraid it’s not good enough, or they don’t want to come across as too salesy, and I can totally relate. When I was just getting started, I found my first blogs excruciating. I thought they were so bad! But actually looking back they are totally fine.
You are always going to be your own worst critic, and the first steps are always the hardest, but actually doing them is what makes or breaks your business, so you’ve got to dig deep and find the confidence to take action.

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What Is Your Design Saying About Your Business?

Cat LeBlancYou’ve only got 7 seconds to make a first impression – and that’s in person! I’d imagine it’s even less online.

So how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace, when you’re vying for people’s attention in a multi-tasking world?

One of the first and best ways to make a great first impression online is to understand the importance of great design.

In fact, in my opinion, great design that’s built on a strong foundation can be one of the biggest things that can make or break a brand new business.  Here’s why.

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3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity And Have More Ideas

CatDo you sometimes find it hard to come up with ideas? Are you thinking about what new products or services to create or perhaps still wondering about your business idea? Are you considering how to separate yourself in a crowded market?

It’s normal to find it hard to come up with ideas – you are not alone there!

The difficulty in coming up with ideas affects everyone.


Often trying too hard to make it happen is counter-productive and a new approach is needed

There are many techniques used for coming up with ideas. Brainstorming being one of the favourites.

Brainstorming is a great way of bringing up new concepts and ideas that are bubbling under the surface. But how did those thoughts get under the surface in the first place? By what you are putting into your brain of course! And also how you are treating it.

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