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Episode 65 – How I’m Living My Entrepreneurial Design

I believe strongly that we should be starting a business that fits our personality.

The main tool I use when I work with clients (and any one can get theirs free) is The Entrepreneurial Design Profile.

This tool enables me to see how broad a focus someone should have in order to maintain their interest in the business.

It tells me which marketing channels would be suitable for them, which types of offers they’ll enjoy most and what kind of interaction with other people is going to be a best fit in their business.

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Episode 62 – What Is Possible For Me? What Am I Capable Of?

Sometimes at the beginning of a big change or when thinking of a
big, far-off dream it all looks too, well, big and far off.

And overwhelming.

And exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

We wonder if we should go for that goal and we question ‘What is possible for me?’

The truth of what is possible for you is beyond what you can currently imagine. You are more capable than you know – yet. You only find out what is possible for you if you go on a journey to find out.

Here’s what some of the most respected people in the world have to say about what you, yes you, are capable of

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Episode 59 – 10+ Business Tools I Use To Run My Online Business

I’m often asked which tools I use in my business:

How did I build my website?

How did I make my launching soon page?

Where do I get my ‘iPad’ graphics from?

Which calendar software do I use?

So here are the online business tools I use to run my coaching and consulting business.

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Episode 41– Mindset – What Does It mean and My Mindset Routine

Mindset can seem like this really wishy-washy thing. I remember when I started my business I believed I could get to where I wanted to be by working hard. I didn’t really understand all the talk about mindset. And because I didn’t understand what it was I ignored it.

That only got me so far though; once I understood the power of mindset I was able to break new ground.

I want to explain what mindset is, exactly how it affects you and what I do daily, and as needed, to keep my mindset on track.

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Episode 6 – The Story Of How I Started My Location Independent Business

We’ve had lots of content so far on Your Business, Your Rules. Content is incredibly helpful, especially if it helps you understand things in new ways and move forward which is what I am always striving for.

Story is also important though. Research has repeatedly shown that hearing a story activates more of the brain than just hearing facts.

And I really really want you to be either starting this journey or making this journey more you.

Even regardless of what the scientists say I find that if I can hear someone else’s ups and downs and hear the back story behind the quote unquote overnight success. It helps me see how I could do this.

Or how I could make changes. It gives me food for thought.

So today I’m sharing a bit more about how my business came into being.

Let’s be clear. Not to boast. There are certainly people out there who have achieved a lot more than me.

But to give you insight that you can turn into action for yourself. Hopefully you can see yourself in the journey

Honestly I’m not the kind of person who wants to constantly talk about themselves so this is a little uncomfortable for me. But important. Because I want to show it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. It’s highs and lows. And after a while a pretty damn good place to be journeying in.

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