Have you considered starting your own business but fall short on actually doing anything about it?

CatAre you tired of working for someone that doesn’t appreciate you, being told what to do and having to arrive early and leave late just because you don’t want to upset the boss?

Traditional ‘success’ comes at a price and that price is often your freedom.

And let’s be honest. 4 weeks annual leave each year is NOT enough!

Not when you crave more independence, flexibility and freedom in your life.

Last year I took the plunge and started my own business for the same reasons.

I was unhappy in my old job, my creativity was being stifled and I wanted to experience a new level of freedom.

But what made it seem more risky was that my life was already great. My job paid well. I was living abroad and I was going places.  I didn’t want to throw that away but I felt something was missing.  That is, I wanted more control over my life and I seeked more freedom.

How would I support myself? Would I maintain my current level of income? What if I failed?

These are questions I had and I’m sure you’re asking the same too.

Today, I get to set my own hours, I work from home and I get to work with and meet amazing people across the world. While I’m still building my own business and I have a long way to go, the new found freedom and flexibility I now enjoy has helped me to take action fast and implement my ideas much more quickly than if I was still working full time.

I’m not suggesting that it’s all cocktails by the blue ocean and white sand. Sometimes it is, I’m in Perth this week and the beach is beautiful. But it could be that you want the freedom to spend more time with your partner, go traveling or just have the time to do whatever it is you like to do.

I really believe if you are willing to put the work in a business could be for you!

10 Reasons Why You Start A Business Today

  1. You get to be the boss – yep this really is the best part!
  2. You get to do what YOU like
  3. You get to be creative. You decide the limits
  4. You decide when you work
  5. You get to stay in your pyjamas all day long. True. You get to decide where you work, which can be at home in your pjs if that’s your thing or it could mean working from a caravan while you tour Australia, something I plan to do later. Maybe this part fits in better with  #10. Your call!
  6. You learn a lot of new interesting skills as you do everything, and with time you can outsource what you are less interested in
  7. You can make a lot of money because the Internet makes everything so accessible. Seth Godin says there’s never been a better time
  8. It’s really not that hard when you have the right knowledge and guidance (stick with me)
  9. You don’t have to quit your day job right away and take a leap in to the unknown. In fact I recommend you don’t. (I did, because the job I had was such insane hours – around 80 hours on every third week and frequent all-nighters.) The more ideal case scenario would be phasing out the day job while your business grows.
  10. You really can create your dream life. You reap the rewards for your efforts and you decide how the business fits in and supports your life. If you want to build a thriving local cafe you can. If you want to offer consulting services while traveling the world you can

Remember this: The world is your oyster

What business would you build if you could do anything?

What really interests you? How would you want your life to look in 12 months, 5 or 10 years from now?

Business Idea Starter Kit