If you've already got your idea now it's time to start implementing!

I recommend, unless you have substantial financial resources behind you, NOT quitting your job. Here's why:

Don't Quit Your Day Job: Why Starting  A Side Business May Be The Secret To Your Success

Mindset really is key when it comes to being your own boss:

The Top 5 Qualities You Must Cultivate To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Whether you are starting a business on the side or not there is one big skill you will need to master to keep things humming along nicely:

The Single Most Important Skill You Need To Run A Side Business

Think you can do it alone? Is it really in your best interests? This blog post explores whether or not you should be looking for help:

Why YOU Are Your Business’ Weakest Link (And How to Overcome It Today)

While I don't pretend that starting your own business isn't hard work, it's not as risky as you may think. There are well-trodden pathways to success:

Starting a business: Not as hard as you think!

Having problems turning what you know into something you can sell?

9 Ways To Turn Your Knowledge Into Marketable Products And Services

How to actually start your business. And it doesn't necessarily involve getting business cards...

How To Actually Start Your Business

My best tips for getting clients in a new business (WARNING: Epic blog post!)

Starting A Consulting Business: 12 Tips To Win Clients From Day One


If you'd like more personalised help starting your business here's how you can work with me.



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