When you are in business or even thinking about starting you are constantly bombarded with what you ‘should’ be doing.

There’s always a latest fad whether it’s Facebook Live, Facebook Lead Ads or Instagram Stories. Then on top of that there’s all the classics that you probably feel you need to be doing too – building your email list, blogging, posting on your Facebook page etc etc.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed even thinking about all that stuff let along actually doing it! So let me let you in on a big secret:


Here’s why.

In order to have a business that makes money you need:

  1. A solid business idea
  2. Great messaging
  3. Results-based offers
  4. Sales skills
  5. And a few strategically chosen lead generation (marketing) strategies that make sense for your business.

That last part is really important – a few strategically chosen lead generation (marketing) strategies that make sense for your business.

All of those marketing strategies I listed before – blogging, Facebook pages, ads, live streaming are designed to first make people aware of your business and then grow the know like and trust factor. They are lead generation strategies that can (and should) lead into your sales process.

You don’t need to be using 15 strategies for people to find out about your business. Like anything in life you want to be doing a few of them well, and not spreading yourself too thin.

In my business I run ads, I guest post and I blog.

Yes, occasionally I do other things, but that is pretty much it. By using those three strategies 500 to 1000 new people a month find out about my business and the most awesome ones end up working with me. It works.

Of course I could do more but ultimately I am not in business to work myself into the ground. I’m in business to have fun and make money while genuinely making a difference in my clients’ lives.

So why do so many people end up trying every single marketing strategy there is?

Usually this is because they aren’t making the sales they want.

Because the online world is so full of marketing telling you to try the next marketing technique it’s natural to assume if you aren’t making sales you have a marketing problem.

I speak to a lot of people starting out in business and in my experience 98% of them don’t have a marketing problem. They have one or both of two completely different problems.

These two problems are:

  1. They have an issue with their idea/messaging/offers – a business foundation problem
  2.  OR they don’t know how to sell – a sales problem.

I talk about this in more detail in my free training Zero to Paying Clients which you can get a spot on here.

Essentially the way it works is – if there is an issue with your idea, messaging or offers it doesn’t matter which fancy new marketing technique or which tried and tested marketing strategy you use or what sales funnel you set up – you won’t sell. This is for the simple reason that people aren’t getting why they should buy from you.

If I offer you a one hour session where we’ll talk about something you don’t care about it doesn’t matter how many ads, webinars, Facebook lives, planes flying past with banners you see – you won’t see a reason to buy it so you won’t buy.

You have to fix the root cause of the problem

More traffic won’t fix it. Setting up sales funnels won’t fix it. Running webinars won’t fix it.

If the problem is the niche fix that, if the problem is the messaging (the way you communicate about your business so people get why they need to buy from you) fix that. And of course if it’s the offers fix that. (If you don’t know what needs fixing book in a call with me and I’ll tell you)

If that’s all good the next stage is to learn to sell.

Then you can choose 2-3 marketing strategies that bring in the leads and you are operating a well-oiled machine :-)

You don’t have to be spending hours ‘doing all the things’ because you have something convincing to sell and you know how to sell it. Then you can experiment with different ways of getting leads and then stick with the ones you like.

That’s when you can really start to grow and scale your business. Not with buying into the latest fads, but with getting the basics right.

What do you think?

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have you ever thought the next shiny object will fix the issue?

If yes you definitely aren’t alone!