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As a business owner or future business owner you know you need to sell stuff. It’s in our nature, particularly in the beginning to recoil in horror at just the idea of selling.

Let alone actually doing it.

On the one hand we know we can’t help anyone by sitting at home waiting for our ideal client to suddenly arrive, thrilled, with cash in hand, but still selling feels icky. In this article I’m going to explain why you feel torn about sales and then share a very practical, fun and easy exercise I’ve developed to completely shift your mindset and get you in tip top shape for your discovery, strategy or sales calls.

I love this one personally and I hope you will too.

Being put off by sales is normal.

The reason you feel this way is you’ve likely been ‘sold’ before. And in a way you didn’t like.

Maybe you had an overly zealous shop assistant shove something you didn’t really want down your throat or maybe you were so enthusiastically “helped” you felt the need to leave very urgently.

I’ve had both and you’ve almost certainly experienced the same.

No one wants to be sold. But here’s the thing – we actually love to buy.

We love to buy shoes and outfits, trips abroad, fun stuff for our business and don’t get me started on personal development.

So then if we love to buy why do we hate to be sold?

We hate to be sold because we feel like something is being PUSHED on us or someone is trying to TALK US INTO something. This brings up fear, of the unknown, distrust and uncertainty. We start asking – why are they pushing? What’s in it for them? And we know exactly what’s in it for a salesperson – cold hard cash. The whole situation feels unsafe and our natural reaction is to flee.

Think about the times though when you’ve been to a shop and asked for advice and been heard, the assistant thoughtfully asked the right questions to be able to help you and then recommended a solution. I get this all the time at my favourite shop Lush.

If your needs were being heard and met you wouldn’t be fleeing – you might even be excited to buy.

In the negative scenario the reason why you felt like this is because the salesperson was trying to talk you into something. Almost certainly they didn’t really listen to what you actually wanted. If they’d listened to what you wanted, like in the Lush example, it would be having a much more pleasant conversation and you’d probably walk out with an exciting array of new products to try and feel great about your purchase.

Once you understand sales is about listening, connecting and helping amazing people from around the world it actually becomes fun.

I’ve had clients argue to high heaven that they’ll never enjoy their strategy calls but in time they do. Who doesn’t like meeting and helping cool new people that you may end up working with? When you think about it in terms of helping and not selling, everything shifts.

Ok, so now we understand where the fear comes from and how to go about it a different way. But how do you get rid of the butterflies and inevitable feelings of self-doubt before a call?

Key mindset shifts to prep for your sales conversations

These feelings may never completely go away but you can at least make it go away for the duration of your call with a prospective client! Here’s what needs to happen for you to have the right mindset for the call:

  • You need to have the value of your service to others crystal clear in your mind.
  • You need to be very clear on your boundaries and who is a suitable client for you.
  • You need to know why you are PERSONALLY moved to help this person


Having these key mindset shifts put you in a calm, deeply helpful and caring, yet detached state of someone who is on a mission to help, but not desperate for the sale.

Let’s look at these in detail:

1. The value of your service to others.

The main reason why we get freaked out ‘selling’ is because somewhere deep inside we feel like a fraud asking for money. That could be because of self worth issues, worrying about our level of experience, worrying we won’t be able to help this particular person or just the general ‘I can’t believe I am doing this’ freak out that happens to everyone when they try something new. If you are know in your heart the change that you can create for the right person those feelings will dissipate. You’ll be in your power.

2. Your boundaries and who is a suitable client for you.

You can only help so many people and they have to be the right fit. Taking on people who could be best helped with a different skill set or people that just drain you is not helpful. You aren’t desperate! Having front of mind who you want to help in your paid services takes away any air of desperation and sets clear expectations on who is a good fit.

3. Why you are PERSONALLY moved to help this person

You totally could be spending your time doing something else. WHY are you doing this?

It’s likely because you feel a deep desire to help people and to share your knowledge or journey with people who need you. If you’ve been reminded of your why you are on purpose it’s all about the person in front of you.

Put together these three mindset shifts and you’ll be in exactly the right frame of mind. You are clear on your value, you are connected to why you are doing this and you are certain of the people you want to help. These mindset shifts are what we are creating in the Money Maker Manifesto. Woo hoo!

So, let’s create your Money Maker Manifesto right now

You can download this in an editable pdf so you can fill out your own here.

You need to read your Money Maker Manifesto preferably every morning and definitely before you get on a call with a prospective client.

Here it is:

1. Fill out what you do:

I help [insert who you help][insert the outcome you get for them]

Here’s mine:

I help future online business owners find the right business idea, get paying clients quickly and build a business foundation that scales.

2. Fill out who you help including your boundaries:

I only work with [fill out the qualities of someone who is a good fit] and do not work with [fill out the qualities of someone who is not suitable to work with you. It’s okay to be tough, it’s your business]

Here’s mine:

I only work with people who are dead set serious about starting their own business and are prepared to invest in their success. I don’t work with people who are only in it for the money, people who are not prepared to learn or grow and aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone.

3. Fill out the impact of your work on the lives of the right people:

With my help these people will [insert the benefits your clients will experience]. This will mean they [insert the follow on benefits they experience].

Here’s mine:

With my help these people will be able to build a business and earn money on their own terms, quickly, at low risk and without the overwhelm. This will mean they are truly in control of their lives and destiny and make choices that would otherwise by impossible. They can earn without hitting an income ceiling, live where they choose and do what they choose.

See how powerful it is when you write it down?!

4. Fill out what happens if your clients stay where they are and do nothing:

Without my help these people will [insert the consequences of doing nothing] which means [insert the long term consequences of doing nothing]

Here’s mine:

Without my help these people will continue to plod along at work, maybe somewhat happily, maybe under a great deal of stress, always knowing they could have been doing something more fulfilling and more meaningful. Which means long term their happiness, health, sense of purpose and fulfillment suffers. They live wondering what if?

5. Fill out you why:

I do this work because [insert why this work is meaningful to you. This can be in outcomes to the client or yourself and should also include your own aspirations]

Here’s mine:

I do this work because I know what it’s like feeling like you should be doing something else, something bigger. I want to help thousands of people break free to the level of freedom and joy around work that I’ve been able to create for myself. I want to continue to grow my business on my own terms and create a legacy.

Feel more pumped to start helping the right people now?

6. Fill out your prices:

In exchange for helping my clients achieve this amazing transformation my fee is just [put in your fee]

Get yours printed out (editable pdf is here) and start feeling confident for your calls and solid in the power of your offerings.

Now I’d love to hear from you

Did you find this helpful?

How do you prep for your discovery/strategy calls?

Did the Money Maker Manifesto bring anything up for you?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…


  1. Sabrina on March 18, 2016 at 1:19 am

    LOVE THIS! Really needed these words. Thanks Cat!

    • Cat LeBlanc on March 18, 2016 at 9:15 am

      HOORAY! I love it when something I create is just what someone else was needing :-) Plus Sabrina – set up you gravatar – then we’ll be able to see your beautiful face when you comment somewhere :-)

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