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When Is The Right Time To Start Your Business?

Cat LeBlancIt’s an interesting question. You don’t want to start at the wrong time and mess it up. You want to make sure you’re ready for this huge new stage in life.

So you should have all your ducks in a row before you start right? Yes and no.

So when should you start?

As long as you are not planning on selling something very seasonal, here are my recommendations on when to start your business.

When you’d like to do some more research

That sounded counter-intuitive right? Of course it is extremely important to research your market and know that what you are selling is something that people want.

That’s covering the basics.

Once you have spoken to potential clients and done some due diligence you are going to reach the point where you actually have to test the market.

By launching.

For small and micro-businesses I recommend launching the most basic version of your product or service and seeing what response the market gives you. You can then work on improvements while still having your offer out there for the world to buy.

It’s better to find out early than to spend months “researching” only to discover that the market is telling you it wants something completely different!

When it’s not perfect

It’s never going to be perfect first time around. Whatever your business is, it will grow and evolve. Concentrate on getting version one out into the world. Then you can work on perfecting your offerings as you go along.

Of course it’s nerve-wracking putting your stuff out into the world, but hold your head up high. It’s all part of the journey and things rarely feel perfect – even when they are!

When you feel like you are not quite ready yet

Almost certainly the reason why you’d like to do some more research or you think your product isn’t ready yet is ACTUALLY because you feel like you aren’t ready emotionally.

The most difficult part of going into business isn’t all the creating of websites and product designs and research, it’s actually overcoming your fears. Fear of rejection, fear of (public) failure, fear of money dramas, fear of loss, fear of change. Your ego is trying to protect you. Starting a business really just brings up a lot of stuff.

The temptation to procrastinate is HUGE.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to just put it out there and start.

To state the absolute obvious – you’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start!

So when is the right time to start your business?


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Face you fears and just go for it!

Now I’d like to hear from you

Are you thinking about starting a small business but you feel like you aren’t quite ready?

Do you have a personal story of overcoming the procrastination demon and just managing to get it out there?

Let me know in the comments below…

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4 Responses to When Is The Right Time To Start Your Business?

  1. I think the BIGGEST thing here is just starting. So many people struggle with trying to get everything perfect when it’s really not about being perfect. You can always perfect things down the line- but you have to start first. I have noticed a trend in small business owners, including myself when I first started my business; so many of us easily spend months trying to create the perfect brand the perfect logo and website and then when we start, there’s crickets- and by that time, we feel pressed for money. We feel like we want to give up. So great point Cat! Definitely get out there and then perfect your busines later.

    Love your posts! Keep them coming!


    • Thanks Ashley! This is exactly what I was trying to get at. It is so personally challenging to start and it’s SO HARD not to fail into the trap of wanting everything perfect. You can easily end up putting yourself under time and money pressure when you could have been earning some money way earlier.

      Thanks so much for commenting! xx

  2. Such a good question, Cat! I find my clients ask this as well. They naturally gravitate towards – a little more research, a little more polish on the website, a little more time before they actually get on with it.

    That old saw about ‘start before you’re ready’ is the thing, because you NEVER feel ready. A little push to get going helps…

    • I can’t now believe I wrote the whole post without actually saying “start before you’re ready”!

      Thanks for commenting. Lovely to see you here :-) If anyone reading this needs cake – Liz is your woman!

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