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Prospecting For Gold: Is It Worth It?

Cat LeBlancAs you read this, I am getting ready for a very well deserved holiday.

I say well deserved because for the last month, I have been pouring my heart and soul into building my new Business Gold training program and launching it into the world.

That’s right: I pretty much went from idea to launch in about a month.

Crazy? Maybe a little. ;) It can be better to plan things out longer term, but my holiday made for a great deadline and motivator, and I am a get-it-done-now kind of girl, anyway.

It’s been one of the most intense periods in my business so far.  But was it worth it?

The reality of launching – it’s not all fun and glamorous video shoots!

I have had days during this launch – days I still needed to keep my current clients happy – where I have worked from 9am to 11pm a night with no more break than a quick dash to the supermarket to buy a roast chicken and chocolate (according to my launch person these are launch staples) and a quick bath for relaxation and that’s my day.

My Mum was even worried that I was working so hard just to have a holiday. I explained that it’s not because of my holiday that I’m working like crazy, it’s the launch process and this would happen regardless (although of course it’s made worse by my crazy time frame).

The week that I filmed my videos, I essentially banned my boyfriend from going anywhere because I needed him there for support. Luckily he is home with me so that worked. It has been a ton of work.

But was it worth it?


To the victor go the spoils!

The launch month was pretty hardcore, but the rewards have been hardcore as well. I have new amazing clients, and I cannot wait to have them kicking ass in their new businesses.

I am on going on a well-earned rest to visit my family and friends from my previous lives living in England and Germany, and I can do so without having to worry about my launch or my business in general.

Yes, it is hard work, but I honestly believe the more you (strategically) put into a business in the early stages, the quicker you start succeeding. It’s about working smart and hard, which I don’t recommend to everyone but it’s what I do. When you work smart and hard, you’ll see even more results.

When you work with clients and see the impact you have on their lives, that one launch month (or any other big project time) when you work crazy hours is worth it. And you make up for it other times. I certainly don’t work that much all the time! And I don’t have to when I put in the effort where it really counts.

When you do what you love, get amazing results for others, and do it on your terms, it just makes your heart sing. It really does.


So if this is your dream I suggest you go for it, knuckle down a bit in the start, go about it the smart way, and don’t waste another day thinking about some day.

12 Responses to Prospecting For Gold: Is It Worth It?

  1. That is awesome Cat and love that you did so well. What were you launching? curious…. and what sort of goal did you set?
    I love your style – go hard and then chill ;)

  2. Hi Cat – congratulations – so happy for you – thank you for sharing – you are one inspiring lovely lady. I am loving watching you rise – from strength to strength. Have an amazing holiday. With love, Maria xx

  3. You are so inspiring! It’s tough being self motivating and you make it look easy, even though I know it’s not. You are walking the walk which is why I want to work with you. Thank you so much for being so devoted to helping women pursue their dreams!

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