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Episode 40 – How To Make Every Single Action You Take In Your Business Go Further

Ooohhh, enticing right? Who wouldn’t want to do something that would make every other action they take have more impact, more growth and more sales.

Yet, very very few people do this.

And the reason they don’t do it is because it can feel pointless as no one sees this work directly most of the time, but they see and feel the fact that you’ve done it.

It’s not a tactic or an obvious growth strategy

I’m not talking about tactics, or a strategy that obviously links to growth.

Tactics are ad hoc actions to deal with whatever is coming up for you at the time like: ‘My Facebook page doesn’t have much engagement, I’ll try doing a livestream’.

Strategy is longer term and more thought out, it’s something you are going to be planning and monitoring. You might create a Social Media Expansion plan for example.

What I am talking about is foundational work.

The Power Of Foundational Work

If you think about foundational work in other areas of life it makes total sense.

Let’s say I am planning a wedding and I want to look fantastic in my wedding dress. Right now I’m 15 kilos (30 pounds) more than I normally weigh and feeling uncomfortable.

The way to solve this problem is not tactics. Tactics would be googling spanxs and other options to squish me into something.

While this is better than nothing, it’s not the ideal solution.

In this case there is a really obvious strategy to solve this. The solution is to solve the foundational problem – the extra weight.

Of course there is the solution of deciding to be okay with the weight but I’m choosing this example to show that the foundation is usually the best answer.

It’s not solve the clothes, it’s solve what the clothes go on.

Here’s another way of looking at it.

Let’s say you have a really important destination you want to get to. Actually you do – you want a successful, profitable business and the lifestyle, freedom and choice that comes with that – but for this example I’m talking about a physical place. Let’s say you need to drive to Vegas ;-)

In order to get to Vegas you need a car. Is your first option going to be to spend the least amount of money possible to get the cheapest thing resembling a car and go in that and hope for the best? NOOO!

Because you know you’re going to break down 10 miles down the road.

Instead, just as with the wedding dress, the best way is to deal with the issue at the foundations.

You get the best car that makes sense on your budget so it can actually do the job you are buying it for, getting you to Vegas and then being a reliable nice car for you, hopefully for some time.

Foundational Work In Your Business

What do most people do in their business when the actions they are taking don’t give them the results they want?

They try the latest marketing fad, and usually also try doing more of the marketing fads they are already doing.

This is the equivalent of buying spanxs in our wedding example (could solve something for a very short period), or walking to the petrol station and buying expensive fuel to make your broken down car work (won’t work at all).

The actual underlying issue of what you wanted to solve in the first place isn’t getting fixed.

So what will solve the issue?

If the actions you are taking in your business aren’t getting results it’s time to look at the foundation. The foundation is the thing that needs fixing 90% of the time when people are having issues.

This also means when you have a really solid foundation each action you take literally goes further.

That sounds nice but it’s kind of vague.

What it means though in real life is this:

  • More people download your optin freebie from your website.
  • Your social media outreach plan gets you twice as many sales calls.
  • You convert a higher proportion of your sales calls.
  • Your sales page gets more sales.

Each and every thing you do works better.

I call this Profit Power

Every action has more of an effect, it goes further.

Just like our other examples.

If I were to slim down for the wedding, I’d also look better in all my other clothes, be healthier, have more energy etc.
If I bought myself a great car to get to Vegas in instead of one that barely goes at all I’d get there quicker, in more comfort, much less frazzled and I’d have years of use out of that car ahead of me.

Profit Power In Your Business

What I am saying is the beginning phases really matter.

Here are the things you want to be focusing on first in your business. And even if you are more advanced you’ll keep revisiting and revising this stuff.

Your Niche – Is it clear who you serve and what problem you are solving.

Your Messaging – Is it clear why you are different and why the target market should specifically work with you?

Your Offers – Do you have offers that are focused on outcomes and jam-packed full of value that make it easy for potential clients to say yes?

And then bringing all of those foundational elements together:

Sales Skills – Do you know how to clearly communicate all of the above in a genuine conversation with someone who needs your help where a proportion of the conversations you have lead to people working with you?

I go into more depth of these topics in The Zero To Paying Clients Masterclass

That’s what gives you profit power

When you have that every single action literally as more power, more profit power, more profit potential.

Your business ‘vehicle’ can go faster more smoothly and there’s a lot less being stuck at the side of the road.

So my suggestion to you is to make Profit Power your strategy.

If you’re not getting the results you want look at what you’ve already created, your foundation, first, before adding more to your to do list.

It’s not going backwards, it’s giving you the upgrade you need for the next phase of growth.