Cat LeBlancI am a very practical person. I find not much gets done without practicality and I generally look before I leap in most things.

I like to have a plan. And a back up plan.

But I’m also a dreamer.

Does that surprise you?

In my experience, people get very practical about business. And I am one of them! But in order to be a successful business owner, you also have to be a dreamer. You have to be both.

You need to be a dreamer to believe that what you want to create is possible. You have to be able to see a better future in your head and believe you can create something from nothing (which you can).

Business is a leap of faith! You’re essentially saying, “I’m going to do this thing, and people are going to pay me for it.”  And yes, there are practical steps you can take to get you there — I walk my clients through many of those steps every day — but there is also that leap you have to make, to go from saying “I think I can” to “I am.”

I’m pretty much the opposite of woo-woo. I’ve got nothing against woo, I’m just the kind of person who is much more grounded in practical steps to achieve what you want. But I deeply, deeply believe that one of those steps is dreaming.

It’s about taking the time to imagine a vision of something bigger than yourself. It’s about making the time to reconnect with that vision, and letting it guide your practical decisions. It’s about not letting anything come between you and that dream.

So while nothing happens without implementation, you must jealously guard that dream in your head, and not let anyone or anything distract you from it.

Dream time

I have a ritual that I do every Monday morning. Ever wondered why you can’t book a time with me Monday morning? This is why! I l connect to the big picture, to what I want to create. Essentially I dream. If only for 2 minutes!

In the beginning, I imagined the security of not going back to work and being able to help other women by passing on my knowledge. This became reality. Later, it became looking forward to when my partner would be able to quit his job and be at home with me in our jungle house and my clients launching and getting their first clients. This has also happened. Now I think about reaching more people and creating a movement.

I truly believe that by keeping my “eye on the prize” so to speak, by keeping my dreams front and center in my mind at all stages of my business, I was better able to align every action to my ultimate goal.

“Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.”
― Robin S. Sharma

If you want to make your business a success, you need to hold the dream until it becomes real. That’s the passion that keeps you going through all the implementation and challenges and occasional boring stuff.  ;)

Try this:

  • What’s your dream?  Try writing it down in a journal, on a post-it note, or in your planner.  Articulate what it is you really want right now.  (Don’t know? Schedule some time to daydream about it!)
  • Put dream time on your calendar each week.  It doesn’t have to be a huge chunk of time.  You could even attach it to other weekly tasks like planning your weekly objectives, or filling in your calendar. Take at least a few minutes to focus on your big dream and ask yourself: What can I do this week to get closer to that dream?
  • Check in with your dream regularly. Whenever you’re faced with an important decision, check in and see if it resonates with your dream. Will saying yes move you closer to your dream, or further from it? Does this action support your dream, or distract from it? It’s a great litmus test for helping to make complex decisions.

What are you dreaming about?

I would love for you to share your big dream in the comments below.

Get it out of your head and into the world to make it a little more tangible, a little more real.

And then let me know: How do you stay connected to your dream?

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