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Episode 27 – How To Get Out Of Preparation Into Action

So first let’s address the elephant in the room:

The elephant in the room is that preparing is usually a great idea!

Have you ever done badly at something because you hadn’t prepared enough? I know I have.

You were likely also chastised for not preparing for things as a kid.

Preparing is the grown-up way of not screwing things up – right?!

Yes, and no.

Preparing is useful for specific events for a limited period of preparation time.

  • Preparing for a race is a good idea.
  • Preparing for a speech is a good idea.
  • Preparing before starting a new diet is a good idea.

Here you are preparing for something that you’ve likely set a date on and in reality there is only a limited amount of preparation you can do.

Here’s why preparing to be a business owner is different

In the case scenario that everyone wants, this is going to be your way of earning money for a long time.

So you are trying to prepare for something that’s going to last the rest of your working life.

You’re also trying to prepare for something that is hugely complex and you have no way of knowing in advance what direction you’ll want to take it in once you start.

Imagine if you sat down as an 18-year-old and starting researching being an adult so you could be prepared. There would be way too much to cover, you couldn’t do it.

Your only option was to do your best at adulting until you get the hang of it! And do you feel like you’ve got the hang of it yet? Most of us not necessarily!

It’s honestly not much different being a business owner. It’s a whole way of being and working. There is only limited preparation you can do.

Because of the size of the task, you can only prepare the first steps for your preparing work to be helpful

You can only prepare for the first milestone.

Which could, for example, be making the decision on your niche, or it could be preparing to take a prototype to market.

Otherwise, this is what happens, you end up in

The Perpetual Cycle Of Preparation

This is what The Perpetual Cycle Of Preparation looks like:

You know you want to start a business, but you decide you don’t know enough so you research business ideas, for example, you gain some understanding but realize you know nothing about social media and you’re going to need to know about that right?

So you know about this point you don’t know enough about social media to start. So you research Social Media and you find out about advertising. You’ll need to know about that in your new business owner role right?

Now you continue around the cycle again. You don’t know enough about advertising to start your business so you do some research, but then you find out you need an email list to put your prospects on.

So you had better research that!

You’re in a Perpetual Cycle of Preparation.

And you are doing this with great intentions.

Because you don’t want to be an idiot and go in unprepared and you don’t want to get told off by some know it all because you didn’t do your homework, so you keep preparing.

Preparation has to be interspersed with action

Preparation is only helpful when it is in between actions.

When I am helping clients start businesses we prepare a concept to test (check out Episode 16), which is their business idea in basic form and we test it in the market.

It’s prepared, then action.

Once we have an idea working we prepare the website. Then all the copy, colours etc go in and it goes live.

Prepare, then action.

We prepare a marketing plan, then it gets put into action.

If I were to try and train my clients in niches, offers, sales, websites and marketing all before DOING anything their heads would explode.

So how do you get out of preparation and into action?

  1. Choose an action step that you are preparing for. Make it the first logic action step.
  2. Set a time frame on it.
  3. Know that you’ll prepare for the steps afterwards when they come and understand this is the only way to do this well.

You really can’t prepare it all.

It’s the whole idea of start before you are ready. Do a reasonable amount of preparation and know that at that point it’s the right thing to do to start.

You’re not in school anymore. Over preparing in business holds you back as illogical as that might sound.

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