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Episode 41– Mindset – What Does It mean and My Mindset Routine

Mindset can seem like this really wishy-washy thing. I remember when I started my business I believed I could get to where I wanted to be by working hard. I didn’t really understand all the talk about mindset. And because I didn’t understand what it was I ignored it.

That only got me so far though; once I understood the power of mindset I was able to break new ground.

I want to explain what mindset is, exactly how it affects you and what I do daily, and as needed, to keep my mindset on track.

What is mindset?

Cambridge dictionary defines mindset as:

‘A person’s way of thinking and their opinions’.

Boiled down it comes down to what you believe.

We talked about this in Episode 33 – Why You Must Only Surround Yourself With Positive People. I talked about the Cycle of Influence which is where your environment affects your beliefs, which affect your decisions, which affect your results.

Cycle of Influence

So here, your mindset is your beliefs. The thing about your beliefs is you believe they are true.

As basic as that statement sounds it’s important. No one goes around truly believing something and at the same time thinking it’s not true.

We accept that people have different opinions, but we believe we are right. Because if we weren’t right we’d believe something else.

We make all our decisions based on what is true in our world. Because that is the truth to us. So if I believed I wasn’t capable of running a business my decisions would have led me to not starting, which would mean my results would have led to me staying in corporate.

A lot of our beliefs are outside of our conscious awareness

That was a really big picture example. We are usually aware of the big, somehow obvious things that we think about ourselves. Like ‘I’m an introvert’ or ‘I’m an extrovert’ or ‘I’m a good driver’ or ‘people generally like me’ but frequently we have no idea about beliefs that we made decisions on years and years ago while we were very young and making sense of the world.

Here’s an idea of what our Mindset could look like.

At the very top, we have state. State is our mood right now. Some days you feel like you could take on the world and other days are duvet days. Everything doesn’t seem as great and you prefer to stay in bed.

Then there are your conscious beliefs. These are the beliefs that you have that you are aware of. But as you’ll see if you look at the show notes, or are reading the blog, you have a lot more subconscious beliefs than conscious ones. This simply because 95% of brain activity happens without our awareness. Most of the time we run on autopilot.

This part of being human and enables us to deal with everyday known situations easily without having to consciously work out what to do each time.

But here’s the scary part. I love how Dr. Bruce Lipton explains it:

‘Your subconscious beliefs are working either for you or against you, but the truth is that you are not controlling your life, because your subconscious mind supersedes all conscious control. So when you are trying to heal from a conscious level-citing affirmation and telling yourself you’re healthy — there may be an invisible subconscious program that’s sabotaging you.’


My mindset routine

To show you how this can happen, and what you can do to stop it happening I’m going to share my mindset ‘routine’. And at this point, I’m imagining no one is listening because that’s me feel less self-conscious.

As a bit of context, I really had no idea about this stuff in the past. As a kid, I watched American TV shows and it was a mystery to me why everyone needed to have a ‘shrink’. Didn’t they have any friends?!

Then during my divorce in the mid-2000s, I finally got it a bit after I had cried on single one of my friends and in every restaurant in town for a good year that it’s good to have someone else to talk to. One mind-bending 90-minute session and I was able to move on.

Pretty much until being in business, I got all of my results in life through deciding to do something and putting in the effort to make it happen.

Then in business, I kept getting stuck and I realized as well I needed more to be able to work at my best.

Step 1 – Working on your state

At this point, I started working on my state. Essentially I was managing myself and I still do this. You can completely change how you feel each day and doing this sets you up to win.

I am aware of the fact some of this will make some people think ‘When does she get to any work?’ and I’ll admit the longer I’ve been in business the more of this I do because it works.

I’ll also admit I’m stalling because I don’t want to get to the deets. OKAY!

Please be aware this is not a prescription. Think about what would work for you. I tried everything and landed with this combination working best for me. So this is what I do every workday:

5 Year Memory Book. I write in my 5-year memory book what happened yesterday. It’s a 3 line entry and you can see what you wrote on that day for the last however many years you’ve been entering it. Why? Because it’s fun and it helps me see the big picture of how every year I grow more and enjoy life more.

Money Tracking. I track how much cash I received so far that month and how much business I’ve closed. I learned this from Denise Duffield Thomas. Why? Because I feel better when I know where I’m at.

Journaling. I write a short entry in my journal about what’s happening and how I’m feeling. Why? Because I process things well when I write them down, I find this grounding. I get anything out that needs to be said.

Gratitude. I write down 3 things I am grateful for that happened yesterday. I learned this from Shawn Achor. I do this simply because it makes me feel great. I also use his ‘Doubler’ idea which is where you write down or think about one positive experience that happened yesterday for 2 minutes.

Meditation. I close my eyes and step into what life will be like when I’ve achieved whatever I am focusing on creating right now. This was the thing that took the longest for me to want to do but it helps me feel into what I want to create and why it’s important to me.

Goals/Mantra. I read my goals out and why they are important to me. If I don’t do this I forget what I am trying to do and get lost in the minutia.

All this takes about half an hour. Sometimes I get sidetracked and forget and generally I won’t have a great day. I feel calm, focused and excited for the day when I do this in the morning.

Step 2 – Working on your conscious beliefs

Now we’re getting deeper. And please remember, this is not a prescription, this is what I do and why I do it. You are a completely different person.

Some of what happens in my daily routine above does work on my conscious beliefs. I find if you do this long enough you do start to internalize them.

My purpose here is to move what has been a subconscious belief or behaviour into the conscious.

I see a psychologist once a month. I started doing this because of some other stuff going on in my life and continued because I find it so incredibly helpful to unpack whatever is going on in my life. It enables me to become consciously aware of things I was previously doing on autopilot.

So as an example I recently discovered I had this subconscious belief ‘People are scary, volatile, difficult to deal with, emotional and demanding’.

Like WTF?!?! I was running that on a subconscious level, while at consciously I had lots of friends and great relationships at work and home. It came from some traumatic experiences in early childhood. I had no idea I thought that.

Once I discovered this I was able to clear it (that’s in Step 3), which then led to me, feeling much more relaxed about certain elements of my business.

The other thing I do to increase my awareness (i.e. make the subconscious conscious) is Holosync. Holosync is a brain entrainment software that puts you into a deep meditative state. I use this to go to sleep to each night. I am a huge fan and honestly if I were to choose just one of these things it would be this.

Step 3 – Working on your subconscious beliefs

So what do you do when the situation Dr. Bruce Lipton described is happening to you? I.e. you want something, your subconscious doesn’t want it and you can’t win against your subconscious because it’s running the show 95% of the time?

You pull out the big guns!

There are techniques you can use that directly influence the subconscious mind. The ones that I am aware of and have tried are:

  • Kinesiology
  • EFT
  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP

This is the point where I would encourage you to do your own research.

Kinesiology enables you to access what your subconscious really wants and work with it to change your subconscious beliefs.

Hypnotherapy enables you to access and influence your subconscious.

EFT enables you to clear the emotional charge around different areas in your life so they no longer affect you.

I have also heard about Theta Healing and other methodologies.

Each person will have his or her own preferences and a qualified practitioner can give you much more specific information about each modality.

I think truly, we all have our own ‘stuff’. There isn’t a single one of us who sailed through life unscathed by any negative events.

We all have developed beliefs about ourselves and we make our decisions based on what we believe.

Our decisions affect our results.

This stuff matters.

Yes, you need to also do the work, but you’ll find you’ll do the work differently the more you delve into this work and you’ll grow and become capable of more than you ever dreamed of.