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In Business You Really Only Have Two Options

In business you only really have two options.

That sounds pretty stark right? ‘

A lot of the time it feels like we are overwhelmed by options – which niche should we go for, who is our ideal client, should we sell online or offline, are webinars better than Facebook Ads etc etc.

These are micro-options, or micro decisions. Ultimately yes, which strategy you go for does matter. But what really makes the difference is at a deeper level.

What I see happening in the online ‘scene’ is there are people starting and running businesses at varying levels of commitment. Some are all in and will do anything to make it a success, sometimes at the detriment of other areas of their lives. Others are tinkering. They are dipping their toes in the water so to speak, to see if this is for them. Some are still dreaming about it and researching but haven’t actually done anything yet, and many of those will stay in that phase forever.

The reality of business is there are a lot of these micro-decisions to make and it can be overwhelming. Things you really thought would work totally flop and something you didn’t expect from becomes a runaway success.

In these micro-options we forget that at a deeper level there’s something that separates those who make it from those who stay dreaming or tinkering.

It’s this:

You can have excuses or results. But you can’t have both.

Wooah!! That was pretty full on. Here’s what I mean by that…

Yes of course we all have failures and bad weeks and times where it is truly NOT the right time for something.

But ultimately, deep down, your business success, and success in life for that matter, comes down to whether or not you are going to find excuses for not doing things or why it’s not for you or why it’s too hard right now OR you can do the work and pick yourself up and try a different way when it doesn’t work.

That’s it. You either make excuses or ultimately get what you want.

Look at the other success stories you’ve heard about

Almost anyone you look up to right now and think “I’d like a business like hers” had to get over their excuses at some point, get back on the horse and make it happen.

Marie Forleo took 10 years to grow her business to a really successful level and she worked several jobs until she made it her full time gig.

Denise Duffield-Thomas had been trying various things to make the income she wanted until she finally found what she should be doing.

I’ve first started wondering how I could have more freedom and quit my job in 2004. I only started working properly in 2000.

First I invested in property – it kind of worked, but didn’t have the results I wanted or expected. Then I wondered if I should change career so I would enjoy work more – I thought about interior design, becoming a psychologist, and a lot of other things that I can’t remember any more.

I tried becoming an independent contractor because many of the people I knew who did that took summers off. It was really well paid but it didn’t make me like work any more.

Then after I moved to Australia I discovered the world of business. I started my first business and honestly, it wasn’t for me. I started this business and, let’s be real here, it was hard at first. I discovered I had cancer a few months after starting it and wondered if I should stop, but decided I really wanted to at least try it and if things took a turn for the worse I could reconsider.

The first year was tough financially after having been a high earner before.

But I kept at it. Why?

Because I wanted the results.

At any point I could have thought “You know what? This is too hard. Maybe I should just stay at work.” Or go back to work. I can’t even begin to explain how many things I had to figure out to get to where I am today. And honestly, I am where I am today because every time I got knocked down (and that happened a lot) I got back up again and took the next best action I could. Because my options were to compromise on what I wanted and believed was possible for my life and make an excuse, or keep going and get the results.

See what I mean? You can have excuses or results. But not both.

Are there any places where you are making excuses in your life?

Excuses like:

  • I can’t start a business now because I need to finish ANOTHER qualification first
  • I’ll wait until the kids are older
  • I don’t want to learn something new right now
  • I’m not thin/pretty/charming/outgoing enough to do that
  • I don’t have a big chunk of money to start this

On some level all of these are excuses – you are choosing to put off what you actually want.

Probably because deep down you know there’s going to be some work involved and some of it might be outside of your comfort zone. So it seems easier to dream and wait.

How badly do you want this?

What it really comes down to is how badly you want it. Rightly or wrongly I always knew I couldn’t have a ‘normal’ life. I want life to be amazing and I’m prepared to put the effort in to make that happen.

Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t have ups and downs and family issues and arguments with my partner etc etc but ultimately what I think it means is ‘no excuses’. I can have a bit of a moan when something doesn’t go my way. Then it’s back to working out what to do next.

So, something for you to think about. Where are you making excuses in your life? How badly do you want to earn money on your own terms?

You should also know as well that I am back to offering Strategy Sessions – specifically Explosive Business Growth Strategy Sessions! So if you are ready to drop the excuses and get serious results you can book a time to speak with me here. I’ll assess where you are at and give you your next best steps forward to getting what you want. Right now I have about 4 spots left for next week.

Now I’d love to hear from you

How do you feel about the excuses or results concept?

Did you uncover any areas where you are holding yourself back?

Let me know in the comments below…

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