Here’s Robyn!


Doesn’t that photo make you want to be part of the cleaning the mixing bowl party!? Or, in this case, the blender. It does me!

If you don’t know Robyn already, Robyn is the founder of Girl on Raw. She’s a raw food chef, speaker, coach, eBook author and she also hosts live events around the world.

I’m so happy Robyn could find time in her busy schedule for The Idea Spotlight!

So Robyn, tell us what you were doing before starting your business?

Before I started Girl on Raw I had lots of different jobs, I was a recruiter in London for a while, I worked in banking, project management and was even a make-up artist. I then worked as a flight attendant as I love to travel.

What made you think of starting your own business?

I actually wasn’t planning on starting a business! I had been interested in raw food since about 2006. It started when I was living in London and saw Posh Spice was reading the book ‘Skinny Bitch’ in Metro magazine. That got me into raw veganism and I began researching about raw food online and following the blogs of well known raw foodies.

After a few years of learning and integrating raw food into my diet I decided I wanted to move into raw food as a career. I got a flight attendant job based in Saudi Arabia with lots of down time so I used my spare time to learn more.

How did your interest in raw food turn into an idea for a business?

On camp in Saudi there were lots of activities to keep people occupied. I began running classes teaching people what I had learned about raw food. I then started a blog to keep in contact with people taking my classes and to have my own online space.

In 2010 I flew to the States to train to become a raw food chef. This is really when everything changed.

It was the first raw food school and there I met some of the major players in the industry. Simultaneously the traffic on my blog exploded, as so many people were interested in the school.

Some of the industry stars I met at the school were running online businesses. This opened my mind to the fact that I didn’t have to become a raw food chef. It gave me the confidence to do something more with my skills and start working for myself.

I realized that my expertise is ‘travelling in the raw’. This then became my first eBook. I also became an affiliate for another raw food chef and my business has developed from there.

What have been your highlights as a business owner?

A major highlight has been being able to work from home, have a flexible lifestyle and be able to travel.

Also when my first eBook – Travelling in the Raw – went live, seeing the sales come through on my phone was such a buzz! I put it up for sale and went to bed. My iPhone was pinging every few minutes. That was amazing.

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Follow your dream and follow your heart. Don’t give up. You are going to have meltdowns and moments where you wonder why am I doing this. If things aren’t feeling right, regroup and move in a different direction, but don’t give up.


You can find out more about Robyn and Girl on Raw here

Key take aways from Robyn’s experience

Robyn had several different jobs before she started her business. Sometimes it takes time to find out what you like and how to make it work for you. And then turn it into a business! Keep experimenting and stay open-minded.

Robyn didn’t plan to start a business but she reached a point where people wanted her skills and expertise. She could then go out on her own with this knowledge rather than go the traditional route of getting another job. What skills do you have that you could go out on your own with?

As Robyn says, follow your heart and your dream, you may need to take a step back and regroup on your entrepreneurial journey but follow your heart!

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