Meet the lovely Jade.

Jade & Event Head

Jade runs Event Head, a Melbourne based Boutique Event Management & Party Styling and Hire business.

Not only is she super-smart and business-savvy she is one of kindest, sweetest people I have ever met  :-)

I am thrilled to have Jade give the lowdown on her business idea and startup experience for the first Idea Spotlight!

So Jade, tell us what you were doing before you started your business…

Before Event Head I worked for an Australian cancer charity – The Warwick Foundation. I started as a volunteer and I won a competition for a grant, which then allowed me to go full-time. I became the general manager and built up the charity from being very small with minimal awareness to national level and an office with several staff. It was a very exciting but also stressful, busy time.

What made you think of starting your own business?

I think I always had entrepreneurial spirit. I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, I just trusted that over time the idea would come and grow.

Once I became pregnant I knew that I would want to be spending more time with my family so it was the right time to start.

How did you come up with your business idea?

At the Warwick Foundation I ran a lot of events. The events were all about trying to give people an experience, a memory. I loved the events. I loved being surrounded by family and friends and always doing something fun. And I enjoy the planning side too.

People often asked me to help them with their events. So over time it became obvious that this is where my speciality is – events and celebrations.

What have been your biggest challenges with starting Event Head and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenges have been trying to balance having a newborn and a business and also the financial aspect of things being tight when starting a business.

Having support of my family and friends has really made all the difference.  Also having a partner who knows what I’m like and let’s me do what I want! We made the decision to give the business a year and see how it goes.

What have been your highlights as a business owner?

The major highlight has been realising that I can do it! When you start achieving things it’s such a high. Things are going really well. I had done events for other people but now I am doing it for myself (and my clients!) It feels so great.

I organised a Babies and Business event recently in Melbourne. It was a very personal and emotional event and I had so many mothers tell me how uplifting and life changing it was for them afterwards. It was incredible to see that kind of impact from my work and it really reiterated why I am doing this.

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs?

One word – persistence.

Do what it takes to make it a success.

There is always the dark before dawn but when you break through the other side it’s really amazing.


You can find out more about Jade and Event Head here

Key take aways from Jade’s experience

The best business idea is the point where what you love to do, what you are good at and what people will pay you to do converges.

Be persistent! Jade found her ‘thing’, put everything into making a success and the benefits are showing.

Having a supportive environment will make all the difference to your business success.

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