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Caylie runs Better Business Better Life. Her business is all about lead generation. She helps entrepreneurs create opt-in strategies that bring in leads and in turn increase sales.

Caylie, tell us what you were doing before you started your business…

After uni I worked at one of the big banks as an agricultural business analyst. I then worked helping people get back into training and employment and later moved into teaching.

I taught and coordinated the business and IT courses at a local university and at the same time I started job sharing as a co-manager of the local business incubator. My role there is to provide one-on-one business advice and also training for that organization and for the clients that came from seven local government areas.

What made you think of starting your own business?

From about five years old I’ve always wanted to own my own business. I grew up in a wonderful but very conservative family where you got good education and a steady job so it took time for me to make this dream a reality.

I’d been offering various online marketing services for a number of years as a hobby more than anything, but I wasn’t actively pursuing it. It wasn’t until October last year that I got that clarity and thought: “You know what? I’ve always wanted to own my own business. It’s time to step up and take your place.” So I had actually started before having my big aha moment.

How did you come up with your business idea?

Throughout my employment journey there have being a couple of themes. One that I could always connect really well with what people needed and was able to then, without being salesy and pushy, help them take the next step into what would assist them.

At the bank I used to attend events and I’d get a 100% conversion rate when asking people if they’d like to try a new service. When I was helping long-term unemployed people back into training or employment within nine months all my clients ended up in training or employment. In my own business the lead generation and conversion process came really easily to me.

The other theme is I love teaching. I love being able to explain concepts and then see that huge buzz when people learn something new and connect it all together.

I got into lead generation because that’s what I’ve always been good at and I can combine it with my love of teaching. It’s all about assisting people understand concepts, really get a feel for them and making the strategies work for them.

What have been your biggest challenges with starting Better Business Better Life and how did you overcome them?

I guess confidence was a big thing for me. For a number of years I had a partner who wanted me to give up my hobby, which was to become my business. He had a very different way of looking at the world and didn’t see the value of putting time into growing a business like I did.

In the end I just couldn’t give it up because it’d been my dream all along. That relationship ended and I found the strength in the fact that I had to go ahead with the business. It was my chance to really stand up and take control.

What have been your highlights as a business owner?

Literally working with every single client. I know that sounds cliché but it’s true.  Just being able to partner with each person that I’ve worked with and being able to help.

I love seeing the growth and the results they experience, seeing the leaps and bounds that they are taking and the joy but also the value and the freedom that it creates for them in their lives. That’s the most wonderful experience.

What would you say to aspiring entrepreneurs?

If having your own business is what you’ve always dreamed of have a go and do it. You won’t regret it even if it doesn’t work out initially or you end up going down on a different path. I can say for myself that’s been the best thing ever.

Also don’t think you have to quit your job to be able to start and grow a business. There’s absolutely no shame in still working in a corporate job and building something in the side, quite often they will work in well together. I think people are far more driven when they’ve got that lack of time available to them and the results they create from that are phenomenal. So, yeah, just do it!


You can find out more about Caylie and Better Business Better Life here.

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Key take aways from Caylie’s experience

Sometimes the business you create is a natural extension of what you were doing before. If this is something you enjoy then great! The experience you had before will make the transition much easier.

As Caylie says there is no shame in working a day job while building something on the side. This is what I encourage my clients to do as it minimizes the financial stress of starting a business.

Now I’d like to hear from you…

Have you started a business extending on something you did in your working life?

Does your partner not always understand your drive to start a business and do things on your terms?

Are you considering starting a business on the side?

Let me know in the comments below…

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