Meet Camille!


Camille is a dating mentor who helps single successful women in attracting their Mr Right, so they can have the relationship they deserve.

She helps ladies with how to attract the suitable partner, how to navigate from the casual dating stage into a committed relationship, who to stay away from and also how to really feel beautiful inside and out, because it all starts with the relationship with ourselves. Cliché but true!

And oh boy, do I wish I had met her earlier in life, but that is a story for another day :-)

Camille, tell us what you were doing before starting your business?

I did all sorts of things before getting into coaching. I was in retail, I worked as a flight attendant at Virgin Blue, I was a jazz singer and I did actually work as an exotic dancer for a couple of years as well!

It was interesting to have an inside view on why men actually go to those places and what they are missing in their lives.

What made you think of starting your own business?

I’m very much a freedom-loving person. I can be quite rebellious in a way. I like to be in charge of my own destiny and I like to live my way.

I knew having my own business was really the only way that I was going to be in charge in regards to what I do, my hours and who I would work with.

How did you get the idea for Ignite Mr Right?

I started off with general Life Coaching. I worked part-time at The Coaching Institute while I was building my coaching business. Over time I realised that I wanted to specialise in a niche I was really passionate about.

I knew so many women who struggled to find a man and I had personally struggled with this too. I was always the one helping my friends with dating advice. I love anything to do with dating, I just never get sick of it but I wasn’t sure if there was a viable market for dating coaching.

I had my a-ha moment marketing seminar. It was about helping people find their unique niche.  The presenter shared a case study on the most popular online products that were sold in the last month or so. Dating was number four or five on the list! And I was like, oh my God, there really is a market for this!

That was the turning point for me!

What have been your challenges as a business owner?

One challenge has definitely been around lack of structure.  Initially I really didn’t have a business plan and I didn’t have a marketing strategy.  Being a very freedom loving and creative person, I just came up with different ideas and I kept on changing my coaching packages. Having a business coach or business mentor would have been definitely a great investment to help me get on track.

As a business owner it is very challenging, as you have to keep putting yourself out there, you are always showing your work to the world whether it is a blog post or a new program you have developed. It’s something that you need to be aligned with. I had a lot of two steps forward, one step back scenarios while I was starting up.


What have been your highlights as a business owner?

One of the highlights is seeing my clients find a loving relationship. I’m actually going to a client’s wedding this weekend.

I was really hoping you were going to say something about a client wedding! Yay!

It is a huge highlight for me! I love hearing from past clients or current clients that they have met someone, that they’re really, really happy that they didn’t give up because a lot of my clients, when they come to me, they say I don’t know if you can help me. I’m totally disillusioned, I’ve given up. And that’s of course when they need to see someone like me.

What advice would you give aspiring entrepreneurs?

I think it’s definitely important that the business is something that you can see yourself doing long term.

I took a long time to work out what I wanted to do. It doesn’t matter when you choose to start a business as long as it’s the right business and it’s really aligned with who you are and your values.

I would also recommend getting a coach. Looking back, if I had a coach the whole time, it wouldn’t have taken me as long and it would have saved me a lot of struggle. I mean, it’s still going to be challenging but if you can find the right person to work with, it really will make starting your business so much easier.


You can find out more Camille and Ignite Mr Right here.

Key take aways from Camille’s experience

Camille started her business part-time and really took time developing her niche before going full time.

Recognize that anything worth doing will take time. Don’t get dissuaded or distracted by shiny objects before you have really given something a chance. Choose an idea that fits with your interests and values that you can do for the long term.

As Camille says, having a coach or mentor can make the world of difference to keeping you on the right track with your business. Don’t try to go it alone, do look for a coach or mentor to guide you on your business journey.

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