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How To Hit Your Income Goals 3-10x Faster Using Profit Power

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Episode 26 – How To Hit Your Income Goals 3-10x Faster Using Profit Power

Right now Cat is about to share some kind of new fancy marketing technique right? WRONG! Ha ha ha.

But so you’ll actually believe me first I’m going to talk about what profit power looks like in your business and what it looks like if you don’t have it.

Then we’ll talk about what it is… And how to get it.

This is what Profit Power can look like…

You’ve decided to take this new business thing seriously and you’ve hired a business coach/strategist (i.e. me) to help you.

You’ve spent a bit of time getting clear on what you do, who it’s for, why those people should buy from you, you’ve created some great offers AND you’ve spent some time with me working on how you are going to explain those offers to those people.

You get into a conversation, maybe someone says no, then someone buys. You gain confidence, you book some new conversations, 2 more sales. Suddenly you have an income to declare outside of anything else you were doing and – holy shit you are a business owner!

Later down the track that can look like sending an email to your community saying you only have 2 spots for 1:1 and filling them.

Getting a publicity opportunity and getting clients off the back of it.

Sometimes you take some hits but your business is growing.


What does it look like if you don’t have Profit Power?

You start a blog or build a website. You might do this by putting together different things you’ve seen other people do on the Internet (in the trade this is known as a Frankenstein business). You decide what you are selling. If you end up in a conversation with someone who could buy you don’t know what to say. You aren’t sure what to write on your website.

Nothing is working so you post more, get more active on social, do more… and sometimes you get a win but it really feels like it shouldn’t be this hard.

Long story short: If you are busting your balls for very little result either your business model is wrong (More on that in my free Masterclass on my website) or your business is lacking Profit Power.

Having Profit Power is like the difference between getting to your destination by driving what Australians might call a “shit box” and driving a brand new Mercedes.

I had the term shit box explained to me by the guy who sat next to me at the only job I ended up having in Australia. He explained it as being a car you don’t mind leaving in the train station car park because a good car would get vandalized. Not sure about the vandalized part but you get the picture!

Do you want a quick smooth ride or do you want to spend hours by the side of the road scratching your head wondering what the fluid dripping is now?

So what is Profit Power when we are talking about business?

It’s actually the strength of your business foundation + the level of sales skills you have.

Why the foundation? Because big results don’t come from shiny tactics, they come from mastering the fundamentals.

Remember the karate kid movie – wax on, wax off?

The good thing here is you don’t have to spend hours and hours and hours honing your technique like in the movie.

You make some really solid, strategic decisions, learn some fundamental skills and then refine them as the market gives you feedback.

Here are the decisions you make:

  • A decision on your niche – what you are doing and who is it for
  • A decision on your messaging – how you are different and why your potential market should buy fromyou
  • Decisions on your offers – I have a special way that I set up offers to make them extra enticing.

How Profit Power works

If you happen to remember Episode 5 – The Money Three I talked about the fact that every business needs a solid foundation (niche, messaging, offers), a sales process so there is a mechanism to buy AS WELL as marketing.

The Money Three


What Profit Power is the first two circles. Your foundation AND your sales skills.

And let’s be clear, if you foundation isn’t really there no amount of sale skills will save it.

This set up is what I guide you through in my signature program Ignition which I currently have a special on. You can see more in the show notes.

So you make decisions on your niche, messaging and offers and learn some (genuine, non-icky) sales skills. Then you have the first two circles covered (to see a visual check the show notes).

The final circle is lead generation and marketing.

So what I am literally saying is if you get the first two right – every single effort you make from that point on will have MORE PROFIT POWER.

It has more profit potential.

Meaning every single marketing action you take in your business yields better results

Every time you spend an hour working on your marketing it has 3 to 10x the amount of power than someone who hasn’t done the fundamentals.

Make sense?

It means you can run profitable ad campaigns.

It means people will want to recommend you.

It means you are happier in your work and don’t have to work as hard.

Every time you put your foot on the accelerator you actually go further.

Mastering the fundamentals IS actually sexy.

Who would have thought it right?

When you get the fundamentals right your actions yields better results which really does mean you’ll hit your goals 3-10x faster than if you hadn’t done this work, which honestly most people don’t because they want to head straight to the shiny marketing tactics rather than nail the fundamentals.

Want more info on getting your business started WITH PROFIT POWER? Check out the Zero to Paying Clients Masterclass at

Want to hear more about the special I have running on a very limited offer to work with me? Got to

Now I’d love to hear from you

Do you feel you are getting results in your business?

What do you think of the concept of Profit Power?

Let me know in the comments below

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