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Episode 11 – How to hit $10k months Part 3.

So far we learned that getting to $10k months is a lot less about fancy marketing and flashy funnels than the Internet would have us believe.

It actually has a whole lot more to do with consistency and focused action than anything else.

It’s about maintaining focus over an extended period of time on what matters – your sales.

Plus having systems and mindset routines to support us in maintaining that focus.

In part 3 what I want to talk about is how much of an effect your environment has on all of us.

Your Environment

Because what does your environment do right now?

I’m guessing  doesn’t support you in doing focused work.

Modern life just doesn’t do that.

Living in these times and trying to focus on a long term project is like being a kid trying to get your homework done in a world where no one thinks homework is important.

It many ways it’s not just like that, it IS THAT.

Imagine, and if you have kids this will be easier, I have part time kids but I can play along, imagine an eight year old that needs to do some maths problems.

It’s already hard enough right?

What if no one cared about homework? Parents would be saying – come on, there’s a cool show on TV! Don’t you want to go and play? Your friend is coming over… Hey, can you help me set the table? Have you tidied your room?

Your environment as an adult is probably a mirror of that.

While your friends and family may support you in growing your business when no one’s made dinner or there’s something cool to see on Netflix or we all want to go out and have fun tonight, in those moments they are usually aren’t quite as supportive.

While they support you at a high level when they are inconvenienced in the moment it’s a different feeling.

And those individual moments happen every day, if not several times a day.

So the likelihood is your environment is working against you

The way to combat this is to add in a framework to your every day life to make sure your keep focused on your $10k goal.

I call this:

The Ramp Up Your Revenue Framework

ENVIRONMENT – Creating An Environment For Success

It’s the completion of the Increasing Your Sales Cycle that we talked about earlier. This is what goes in the final layer – environment.

Here’s what I believe needs to be part of your environment for you to stick at this and hit your $10k months:

  • Culture – A culture that celebrates consistent action above wins or temporary failure.
  • Transparency – Knowledge about what is actually happening in your business so you can make accurate business decisions.
  • Training – A systematic focus on skills improvement with gradual integration. NOT learning a new tactic every month and switching focus.
  • Accountability – Real accountability so that that the expectations are externalised – someone is waiting for you and expecting you to take action. That’s for the obligers.
  • Mentorship – A balance of mentorship and self direction. So that you can get guidance where you need it but also have the space to follow your own plan if that is how you work best. That’s for us questioners.

That could just look like a list to you so let’s look at what this looks like in real life using The Complete Increasing Your Sales Framework.

What if your sales are sporadic and you don’t know why?

If you don’t know why your sales are sporadic it means there is a lack of transparency in your business. So you implement the systems so that you have more information on what is actually happening.

When you know what’s happening, you either dive into some training to plug your knowledge gap or reach out to a mentor for specific guidance.

You integrate those changes (not throwing everything you were doing right away), see what happens and we cycle again with better results.

What if you are losing hope that your business can work?

First you get the transparency – what has worked? What is not working so well?

If you operate in a culture where IT’S OKAY to have to have setbacks. Then there’s is no judgement and no competition. Action is celebrated. You would build in mindset work into your routine and then focus on the next actions.

The new actions gets new results. You can look at those results and see what improved and what didn’t. Your overall results (and income) improve. Then you cycle again.

What if you aren’t getting enough discovery calls?

Everything can be traced backwards. That means your initial plan to get calls need adjustment. When you have transparency on where the issue lies, can get training and mentoring you can then make the changes and cycle again.

This framework is all about systematically making improvements so that your income increases


Culture gives you a place where it’s okay to have set backs and celebrates doing the right things.


Transparency means you know where you are at so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or confused.


Training enables asystematic focus on skills improvement with gradual integration. NOT learning a new tactic every month and switching focus.


When you have accountability expectations are externalised – so you have an extra incentive to get shit done.


And of course mentorship. Mentorship means getting advice from people who have walked the path before you.

When you have these – Culture, transparency, training, accountability and mentorship you have a framework to support your success.

Want to use this framework yourself with me as your mentor?

If you are interested in hitting $10k months by following a system that actually works – this system – shoot an email to with the subject “Ramp Up” and my team will send you details of my Ramp Up program which wlll do exactly that.

That’s it for the $10k month series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it’s uncovered some truths about what matters when hitting bigger income goals.

Have a wonderful day!

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