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Episode 50 – How To Choose A Niche If You Love Working On Lots Of Projects

You will almost certainly have heard you need to choose a niche.

This can make new entrepreneurs feel apprehensive for a number of reasons.

First, people feel stressed because if they are choosing one thing there is pressure to make the ‘right’ decision.

Then, if you are someone who doesn’t naturally focus on one project, it can make you feel like you are going against your own nature to pick something and stick with it.

Let’s dive into how to how it all works.

What are the reasons for choosing a niche at all?

If you’re not familiar with how business works choosing a niche can just sound like being picky with who you take as customers and why would you do that?

After all, who wants to turn away money? Why would you turn people away you can help?

The purpose of choosing a niche is to choose a message that will hit home with a particular audience.

When you have a message or an idea that a group of people relate to and want to hear about you can create blogs, videos, programs and other content around that subject area.

And people will want to keep receiving that information.

If you don’t have a message that a particular group of people wants to hear about, say for example you talk one week about choosing kids vitamin pills and the next week about how to build a deck most people won’t stay interested because the range of topics is too broad.

It will only take a few interactions with you to realize you are talking about something they don’t care about and they’ll move on.

This means your marketing will be ineffective and it’ll be much harder than necessary to build your business.

Practically speaking it means it will be close to impossible to build an email list or social following so you end up limiting yourself without some kind of niche, some kind of focus.

Will not having a niche mean you can’t get clients?

No, that’s not the case, but it is likely that you’ll have to rely on word of mouth and your business will not grow beyond a certain level.

What counts as a niche anyway

So what counts as a niche anyway?

Does this mean you have to pick men or women or people in a narrow age bracket or just talk about relationships or just food or whatever it is?

A niche means there must be something that ties it together so that the subjects you talk about are relevant to the people you are talking to.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pick men or women, although frequently this makes your marketing easier.

It doesn’t necessarily they have to be in a particular age group.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pick one of things you know how to do.

What it means is your message, your subject area, has to stay relevant to a certain group of people.

The concept of niche zooming

Which opens us up to something really cool. I call this idea niche zooming.

Niche zooming is the idea that you can go super tight and stay relevant, and create something very niched.

But it is still possible to ‘zoom out’ and stay relevant.

As an example people looking to grow their business are interested in copywriting and SEO and social media and publicity.

People looking to work on their money blocks may well really appreciate working with someone who has experience in coaching, NLP, kinesiology and theta healing.

As long as the elements, or the subjects you are talking about stay relevant to the audience it works.

This is incredible news for people that just… can’t… pick… one… thing.

Because they don’t have to!

Your niche is like a camera lens.

You can zoom in and be super specific and focus on one thing, but you can also zoom out and have more in the picture.

As long as you stay relevant to a particular group of people, you can maintain interest and it can work.

If you want to find out if you have the tendency to spread your focus or if you are more likely to suit a tighter niche because you like to focus on less things take the Entrepreneurial Design Profile. The part to pay attention to is your Focus Type.

The other reason why it’s totally okay to be multi-passionate in business

The other reason why it doesn’t matter if you like to work on lots of projects or consider yourself to be multi-passionate is that by its very nature business involves wearing lots of hats.

Outside of your core expertise, at least at the beginning, there are going to be lots of things that need doing and they need to be done by you.

So you can have fun with this as well.

Why it’s okay to experiment with your niche

It’s also important to remember you can experiment with your niche and find out what works for you in a low-pressure environment.

So whether you are someone who loves to have multiple projects happening at once or whether you like to be super focused you can try out your idea and refine it before completely committing to it.

In fact, this is much better than going all in, only to discover it didn’t work or wasn’t what you wanted anyway.

What I’m saying is the two main concerns that come with choosing a niche, don’t have to be problems at all.

First, you don’t have to worry about getting it 100% right to start off with because you really should try it out and experiment before going all in.

Then second, you don’t actually have to pick just one thing. The key is to stay relevant to the people you want to speak to.