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Episode 65 – How I’m Living My Entrepreneurial Design

I believe strongly that we should be starting a business that fits our personality.

The main tool I use when I work with clients (and any one can get theirs free) is The Entrepreneurial Design Profile.

This tool enables me to see how broad a focus someone should have in order to maintain their interest in the business.

It tells me which marketing channels would be suitable for them, which types of offers they’ll enjoy most and what kind of interaction with other people is going to be a best fit in their business.

After all it doesn’t make sense for introverts to be trying to Facebook live five times a week and big picture people should not be in a business that involves them being knee deep in their analytics.

It’s Hard To ‘See’ Yourself

Many of the people that come to me for help are great at helping other people, but seem to get stuck helping themselves, even if it’s in their subject area.

It would seem I’m not alone there.

My Entrepreneurial Design

My Entrepreneurial Design is:

B Type – Strategic

C Type – Reflector

D Type – Agile

E Type – Architect

F Type – Singular

My F Type means that I need a tight focus in my business to feel comfortable and across all parts of my business.

While many of my clients are multipassionate and we build their businesses to fit them, I personally am suited to something different.

I need to pretty much focus on one thing.

Meaning – I am going to feel best and therefore do better in business if I don’t have multiple programs running at the same time or multiple large projects happening at once.

My C Type means I would prefer working with a small number of people at a deeper level, rather than working with groups.

In every other part of my business I’m completely in alignment with my personality but in those two areas I haven’t been.

The Push To Conform To ‘Traditional’ Success Is Strong

What that tells me is the push to conform to what ‘success’ is sold to us as being is strong.

Stronger than I realised.

For the last couple of months I’ve been focusing on goals that felt exciting but were ultimately better suited to someone else, not me.

It took me working towards them to find out I’d taken a wrong turn and need to regroup and refocus.

I’m Aligning With My Entrepreneurial Design

So I’ve made the decision to work more in alignment with my Entrepreneurial Design.

That means I’m going to be changing how I work with people to start their businesses.

Until now I have mainly been working with clients through my Ignition Coaching & Implementation Program. Which rocks!

Don’t get me wrong, I love this program (it might be showing).

It’s a small group program, clients get six months support and everything they need to get their business up and running and to be working with clients.

It even comes with 54 coaching calls AND a website installed for them as a bonus.

BUT I am feeling the call to work with a small number of clients one on one.

What Does This Mean If You Want To Work With Me?

If we are already working together either in Ignition or in a private arrangement – nothing changes in the support or program access you are receiving.

If you’ve been wondering if you should join The Ignition Coaching & Implementation Program – now is the time.

After the end of February the level of support will be changing for people joining and I will then close admission to the program in its current form for the time being.

Does this mean it will never reopen?

I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that for the time being I will be closing the doors in order to live even closer what I help others create – which is to live, work and make money your way.

Maybe it will be reborn in another form but right now joining by end February 2020 is the last chance to get access to what I believe is the best small group experience in the market place to start your business.

What Does That Mean For You Outside Of Working Together

There are so many ways to run a business successfully.

You have a huge amount of choice in how you do this. And if right now something’s off it’s okay to take a look at it and make changes.

We all evolve and grow. And with growth comes changes.

Even if your business didn’t start off how you wanted it to you have the opportunity to change that.

It all comes back to my favourite saying – it’s Your Business, Your Rules. <3