Hi, I’m Cat and I specialise in finding the right idea to get your business started!  Welcome to my very first blog post.

Cat with balloonMy aim with my blog and business is to help you escape the daily grind of your day job by guiding you through the process of finding an idea and building a business that supports the life you want to lead. Maybe you want to spend more time with your friends and family, maybe you want to do more meaningful work. Either way I’m your catalyst to get things started!

I always wanted to travel and be free and not follow the standard ‘study, work, kids, more work then retirement’ path. I also love to experiment and bring my ideas into reality. I wanted to learn languages and live abroad so I lived in Brazil and Germany. I wanted to be a freelancer so I could work though winter and then take the summer off so set myself up and did just that. Then I moved into business.

Through starting my own businesses I realised that it really is the best way to earn money and have control over your life – it’s the ultimate freedom. And it makes me sad to see how many people don’t believe this is possible for them.

I want more people to experience this freedom. So I am starting this blog to give you the solid strategy and tools I used starting my businesses, so that you can build a business you love that gives you whatever the freedom is that you are looking for.

My goal is for you to be able to wave goodbye to the day job and be in control of your life!

What will I be blogging about and how often?

I’ll be blogging about all aspects of starting a business doing what you love.

I’ll be covering topics like:

  • Finding business ideas
  • Validating business ideas
  • Passive vs active income
  • How to not let your business take over your life
  • Dealing with fear, overwhelm and everyone’s curiosity about your new business!

I’ll be adding new articles, just for you, every Wednesday.

What’s in it for you?

Here’s what’s in it for you fellow business owner – or business owner to be!

  1. Every Wednesday you will learn new things on how to get your business started.
  2. There’s nothing I love more than reading and learning and taking courses in all this good stuff. This means you don’t have to. I will be filtering and distilling so you get only the best.
  3. I’ll be giving you actionable guidance, because I want you to be able to see results.
  4. And here’s a bonus reason: It’s FREE!

How can you get involved?

I would love you to subscribe, share with your friends, leave comments or email me and get involved!

There is nothing I love more than seeing people win!

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