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Episode 61 – 7 Ways To Have Fun In Your Business

It’s easy to get caught up in your business, especially at the start when you’re giving it your all to make it work.

I know from personal experience at times it can be hard to relax and have fun in business even though you run the show.

Of course, I go for long lunches and afternoon clothes shopping trips, but then often I find myself getting intensely involved in something and missing out on the fun stuff.

But fun should be built in to your business!

After all, you’re an entrepreneur so you get to live life on your terms – so make sure you are doing it!

So here are 7 ways to have more fun in your business

1. Make sure to take time out

It’s about the journey. While achieving your goals is important, enjoying life is too. Only this morning I was speaking to a client about the fact she wanted to wait until school holidays are over to launch her site, and for her that is the right way to go. She’s taking a time out to enjoy the hols with her kids before diving into something big.

2. Celebrate ALL wins

Preferably with a celebration dress and dancing. And drinks! I love a good dance break. If you have a mastermind group or accountability partner, make it part of your weekly check-in to list your wins. And if you don’t have someone to share with, find someone!

3. Remember people love you for who you are

Be yourself in your business. I used to have kids over during the school holidays and they were given strict orders to be quiet during my client calls so I could concentrate.

Once one of them said to my partner, “There was a lot of laughing for a client call!” (i.e. she wondered if I was really working).

I like to be myself with my clients and I think we have more fun AND get more done because of it.

Maybe for you that means sharing silly videos on your social media, or talking about your favorite TV show in a blog post, or sharing photos of your garden on Instagram – whatever it is for you, embrace it.

4. Have a weekly ritual where you celebrate (yes, more celebration) what you achieved last week before planning the new week

It takes the stress off the never ending to do list and you really take time to recognise all the great stuff you did last week. Go you! Again, this is a great habit to get into with an accountability partner, but it’s also a lovely private meditation to start your week.

5. Concentrate on what you like

Hate social media? Outsource it.

The whole point of your business is to do what you enjoy. If you can’t outsource something (yet!), can you find a way to make it more fun?

Put on your favourite tunes and have a glass of wine while you schedule your tweets, you get to make the rules.

6. Remember that while you may not have a regular salary to rely on you are the one out there blazing a trail

You’re doing your own thing. So you are pretty special. Enjoy that feeling!

Make a list of the things you are getting that aren’t monetary.

Feeling accomplished and powerful? That’s worth something! More time with your family? Definitely worth something. Seeing it written out may make it feel more tangible.

7. Find a group of other business owners to hang out with

It doesn’t have to be a formal mastermind group or anything like that – just having coffee with someone who really gets what you’re doing can feel incredible.

Forget networking, masterminding or anything like that and just hang out with someone who understands where you’re coming from.

8. Bonus: Start the right business in the first place

Not every business idea will be suitable for you. Your best friend’s business could be your nightmare – this is actually true for me.

So when you’re starting out make sure to start and grow your business so it suits your personality and the lifestyle you want to lead.

More fun leads to more money

Ultimately, if you’re loving your work people can tell and they’ll want to be a part of it.

Plus, you will naturally be more motivated to stick with your business and keep growing it.

Fun isn’t frivolous. It helps profits too.

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