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Get out of your comfort zone!

Today we are talking about an uncomfortable subject – getting out of your comfort zone!

So why should you be getting out of your comfort zone?

This one is really simple. Essentially, when you get out of your comfort zone, that is the place where the growth happens. And if you’re interested in starting a business, you’re really not going to be able to do this if you’re not prepared to get out of your comfort zone.

For example, starting a business is going to involve trading something for money so you need to get used to the concept of selling.

You’re going need to get used to the concept of getting yourself out there. You’ll gonna have to do all kinds of little mini steps, like even for example dealing with an accounting system, or maybe hiring a VA. It’s all the things you’ve never done before, and something that you going to have to learn, and get used to the concept of essentially day by day, trying something new, and getting out of your comfort zone.

How I’m moving outside my comfort zone today

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed by now, but I’m actually doing this video without a script —aahh!

Something that for me is massively out of my comfort zone.

To give you some background on this: when I was first in my business, I found it so stressful to be on camera that I would literally be almost literally in tears. I’m not in tears right now – that was just my eyes watering! My partner would help me and I would be so literally stressed out, I couldn’t do it.

I finally got over myself and managed to shoot my first welcome video, which was horrific. It was actually so bad that I deleted it. I wanted to show it to a client recently to show how badly you can start off from video, but it was actually gone.

I felt so strongly about my first video I deleted it – but we all get better

After that I did a video course, which was awesome. and I learned how to do these things. I learned to edit. And if you look at my very first videos, there’ll be edit, edit, edit. edit. I managed to say two sentences before like—okay we need to have a cut because I need to look at my script because that’s the only way that I can stand here and look into the camera as I am right now. So this is a journey for me, and this will be a journey for you. Of course, not just going video—doing whatever it is that you need to do in your business to move forward.

Then after having my ten-second cut on all my videos, I got myself a teleprompter — it’s like yeah! This is the ultimate! Like I can just read through, and I can make a video in one go and I don’t need to have to spend an hour freaking out outside trying to do this. So today, I just decided okay, we’re talking about our comfort zone. This is something I talk about with my clients all the time. So I am just going to ad lib this. I am just going to do off the cuff. I’ve got a little piece of paper where I made like three notes, things I want to talk about, and that’s it.

So, that’s the story of my videos. Basically in my own business, it’s been a constant case of—how am I going to grow? How am I going to get out of my comfort zone? What can I do that’s gonna move me forward? And anything new, it’s pushing the edges of your comfort zone, and you’re getting used to it and then that becomes easy that you can go further. You can go further because business is all about growth and there’s so much personal growth that is involved in it.

So my question to you is what are you going to do to get out of your comfort zone and move your business forward?

I’m taking the lead here! If you see any chops in the video, that’s because I edited, but I’m doing my best to edit as minimally as possible. I’ve done the whole thing without a script. This is a call to action.

What are you doing to move yourself forward?

Because that’s what I want for you.


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