Finding your business idea is a very personal process. If you want to do it right it’s not just a case of picking one off the shelf.

These resources should get you started!

Think you need an original business idea for the best chance of success? Here’s why that’s actually not the case. This one fact can take a lot of anxiety out of finding your business idea:

Why You Don’t Need An Original Business Idea To Start A Business

If your brain is stuck and you aren’t coming up with anything take a look at…

Three Ways To Boost Your Creativity And Have More Ideas

Ideas 101 explains the basics of business ideas and why some ideas are easier to start than others.

Ideas 101: Business Ideas For Beginners

What’s the best business for you to be starting in 2017:

What’s A Good Business Idea in 2017?

If you are worried about niching down read here about why it actually opens up your options:

Choosing A Niche – Why Narrowing It Down Actually Opens Up Your Options

If you can’t choose between two or more ideas here is a process to narrow it down to one:

5 Simple Steps If You Can’t Decide On Your Business Idea

Once you have an idea here are some tips to validate it:

3 Easy Ways To Validate Your Business Idea

If you haven’t tried my Idea-o-meter yet you need to have a go! It’s a fun interactive quiz to test if your business idea is really for you. Have a go!

How Much Experience Do You Need To Become A Coach?

This is a question that comes up a lot and really it depends on what you mean by the term coach. Have a look at the article to see what I mean.

The Idea-o-meter!

If you need a little more step by step guidance download my free Business Idea Starter Kit below.

It guides you through the process of getting some good ideas that really fit you!




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