Sometimes people really, really want to build a business online but they don’t have a background that is easily marketed online. They really want to move into this Internet world but they can’t figure out what they can do to make money. OR they really want to work in a specific area online (often business coaching) but they don’t have any experience.

So what do you do if that’s you?

Start where you are

When I have a client in that position, what I recommend is finding something they CAN do.

Almost everyone has some skill that is easily translatable to the online world – even if it isn’t what they hope to do eventually or for the rest of their careers.

There are different options here, like doing Social Media Management or becoming a VA. While these stop-gap jobs are perhaps not as glamourous starting out as running a six-figure e-course empire, they will enable you to earn money online – enough to quit your job if necessary – and you can then pivot or change direction once you have your foot in the door.

The Social Media Manager could create online trainings or teach people to do their own social media or they could teach people to start a social media management business. The trick is to get in in the first place. Once you skills and knowledge have improved you can then adjust.

You’d be amazed how many Business Coaches (and some good ones too) started out as VAs just to get a foot in.

This is equally true of someone who wants needs additional training to get where they want to go. Someone in the process of getting trained to be a health coach or life coach, for example, might start by offering services where they are – meal planning and grocery shopping or organizing and time management.

Start with the end in mind

Of course, where possible, you want to start with the end in mind for your business.

What I mean by this is that you don’t want to choose a field to start out in with no clear vision of how you will get from there to your ultimate goal.

For example, our budding health coach probably wouldn’t want to start out as a VA – the path from assisting business owners with their tasks to helping people achieve their health goals is just too long and winding.

A life coach in training, however, might find it’s perfectly acceptable to start out as a personal assistant because it helps her understand where people need the most help in their lives, and where she is best at helping.

Understanding where you want to end up and how you hope to get there will help ensure that you don’t get stuck in another career you don’t love, unable to pivot into your dream business.

Have you pivoted in your business?

If so, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Did you start out doing one thing and then pivot to the business of your dreams?

Are you still in a bridge career, getting ready to make the switch?

Whatever it is I wish you the best of luck!