Cat LeBlancEveryone talks about implementation in the online business world. It’s true, implementation is vital to getting ahead.

If you don’t implement you haven’t done anything and unsurprisingly you won’t get anywhere!

But there’s one other element BEFORE implementation, without this step you can’t start. This is where people get caught on the slow boat.

So what’s the other secret sauce that’s missing?

It’s fast decision making

Building a business requires a lot of decisions

In order to start implementing you have to choose the path. You have to make the decision first. You’ll likely make more decisions in business than you’ve ever done before in life. That’s why people get stuck. And really the best and only thing you can do here is start practicing!

In essence that’s what I am helping my clients with. I help them make the best decisions for their business and lives so that they can really start rolling with implementing the right pieces. I clear up all those blockages so stuff can actually get done.

The fear of bad decisions

Ok, you may be thinking that sounds good in theory, but the reason I am not deciding is because I’m not sure which is the right way to go. My answer to that is if you’re at the stage where you’ve done the research and you are just stuck, and you’ve been stuck for a while, you need to run with what seems to be the best decision right now.

Making a decision, even if it’s not the best decision it’s better than doing nothing

Even if you aren’t 100% sure make your best decision safe in the knowledge you can only learn, and improve, by moving forward and making a decision right now!

If you do nothing you can’t learn and you won’t be able to adjust. You stay stuck.

In business it’s often better to do something, anything, to at least FIND OUT if it was the right decision. Then you can at least do something about it if it wasn’t quite right.

The quicker you make a decision the quicker you’ll see an outcome

Hopefully you’ll get the outcome you were planning on. But if not at least now you have some new information you can use to recalibrate and make new decisions with. You’re one step (or decision) closer to where you want to be. Even by getting it wrong. Hooray! ;-)

So don’t get stuck, just get going! Start working your decision-making muscles today!

Now I’d love to hear from you

What’s been your experience with having to make so many decisions in business?

Are you a champion procrastinator?

What do you do to power through all those decisions?

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