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7 Confidence Building Activities To Make You A Better Business Owner

Cat LeBlancThey say that starting a business is like going through intense therapy; it brings up all your issues and personal stuff that you have to work through in order to make things work.
I see this all the time with my clients (and myself!) and one of the most common places it shows up is in our confidence.
Clients tell me that they’re afraid to post their blogs or mention their opt-in offer on social media because they’re afraid it’s not good enough, or they don’t want to come across as too salesy, and I can totally relate. When I was just getting started, I found my first blogs excruciating. I thought they were so bad! But actually looking back they are totally fine.
You are always going to be your own worst critic, and the first steps are always the hardest, but actually doing them is what makes or breaks your business, so you’ve got to dig deep and find the confidence to take action.

Find your inner confidence

Of course, that can be easier said than done! So I’ve put together a list of suggestions to give your confidence a boost when you need it:

  1. Make a list of all your previous achievements. We tend to forget how far we’ve come when we’re feeling self-conscious and not very confident, but I’m betting you’ve had some pretty big achievements already. Think of things you’ve accomplished like building your website, writing an eBook or program, working with your first customer, even if it wasn’t paid, – and remember that every step of the way is a success. If you haven’t started your business yet you likely have many achievements in your personal or work life that to someone else are huge, but you’ve discounted or forgotten about them. Remembering these moments will give you a boost and help you have that inner knowing that you’ve got this, you can do it.
  2. Remember the people that have genuinely thanked you for your efforts. I have not had a client yet that didn’t thank me at the end of our work together and say they couldn’t have done it without me, and I bet you have heard similar things from either your clients or other people in your life. Keep a folder in your email or on your computer where you can save nice emails and Facebook messages, and go back and reread them when you need a little confidence boost.
  3. Practise makes things easier. Just like any other skill, if you want to feel confident in a particular area of your business, you need to practise! I know this will feel awkward at first, but the more you do it, the easier it will be. If, for example, you always feel nervous on sales calls, you might practise with some friends, your coach, or an accountability partner. You can also record yourself and listen back to see where you sound great and where you still need some work.
  4. Set small, achievable goals. When you’re first starting out in business, everything can seem urgent – and sometimes insurmountable. Instead of telling yourself you have to build your website or create a coaching package, focus on small, achievable goals. Set a goal to write your about page or outline your offer – and then do it! Success breeds success. Checking those smaller goals off your to do list will help you feel more confident that you can achieve the big goals in time.
  5. Build your knowledge. If there’s an area of your business where you feel very uncertain, be proactive and get the education you need to build your business confidence. There’s a reputable course or book for just about any skill you need, and you may find that filling in those knowledge gaps will make you much less nervous about a given task.
  6. Enlist a cheerleader. Sometimes, all you need is permission to do something big. Having an outside opinion, someone who can validate your ideas or work, can be an invaluable confidence booster. Whether it’s an editor who looks over your blog posts or an accountability partner or a coach who can be a sounding board for ideas, that outside perspective – and, yes, cheering section! – can help you feel confident in your choices.
  7. Focus on the value you can provide. This is one of the most powerful things you can do to ensure that your marketing feels solid, not sleazy. People don’t buy your actual product or service; they buy the transformation you can provide them. Do you change lives? Do you give them back time or money? Do you improve their relationships or their business? That’s HUGE! Focus on that amazing transformation you provide and you won’t have to “sell.” You can just focus on delivering that incredible value.

Helping, not selling

I think that last point about focusing on the value you provide is one of the biggest things you can do to boost your business confidence.

So many times we get hung up on the icky feeling of “selling” or not wanting to come across as too salesy in our businesses. But I’d like to flip that idea on its head for you.

If what you do provides value to people and solves a problem (you wouldn’t have a business if it didn’t!) then there is someone out there who needs what you have to offer. Hopefully a whole lot of someones! Those people truly need the value you provide, but how will they know about it if you don’t talk about it?

When you look at it from the perspective of the value you provide, you don’t have to feel like you’re pushing your stuff on people when you mention your product, services, or even your free content. You are helping the people who really need you to find you. And believe me, when they do, they will be so grateful that you exist to help!

You must practise that mindset as much as anything else to build your business confidence. Be confident in the value you provide and the rest will fall into place.

Practise makes it easier (if not perfect!)

I used to worry about every little thing I wrote – would people read it? Would they like it? I felt very uncertain about everything.
Now, I don’t blink if people ignore my social media posts, or if one blog has a particularly bad click through rate – in fact it happens all the time. Because the more you put yourself out there and do the things that make you feel anxious, the more you will build confidence in your material. Soon you will get positive feedback and you’ll be on a journey to working out what works for you and what doesn’t.
Of course, you’ll notice that I didn’t say “practise makes perfect” because we’re not aiming for perfect. There is no perfect! There is only progress.

Where do you need to build confidence?

I’d love to hear your experiences with confidence in your business.

Did you have a big block that you were able to overcome?

Do you still find yourself mired in uncertainty about something in particular?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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