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I Have A Business Idea But Need Help! 7 Steps To Get You Started


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Episode 60 – I Have A Business Idea But Need Help – 7 Steps To Get You Started

So, you’ve got a business idea but need help.

You’re probably thinking what do I do? How and where to start? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

The foundational elements are key to the success of your business so, first of all, congratulations for acknowledging you want some help with this.

Once you have a business idea your next steps are:

     1. Check your business idea is right for you
     2. Understand your ideal customer
     3. Create a simple offer
     4. Test your offer
     5. Decide how to communicate the value of your offer
     6. Find people who might want to buy it
     7. Build out your marketing machine

Let’s look at that in more detail.
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Cookie Cutter or Custom: What’s The Best Approach In Business?

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Episode 56 – Cookie Cutter Or Custom: What’s The Best Approach In Business?

What is a cookie-cutter approach?

We use the term cookie cutter to indicate each one is the same, like a guaranteed formula for something that works.

In baking it means all your cookies should come out the same shape.

In business, franchises are the most extreme example of this.

They take a proven business model that you can slot in to but you have to do everything exactly by the book.

Which appeals to you more: a tried-and-true method for accomplishing something; or a personalised, totally unique approach?

I actually think there’s a middle and better ground on this.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Why Starting A Side Business May Be Your Secret To Success

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Episode 55 – Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Why Starting A Side Business May Be Your Secret To Success

You’ve had an incredible idea for a new business.

You’re pretty much obsessed.

You think about your new business day and night – in the shower, on the train, and yes, at work.

In fact, it’s such a fantastic idea that you’ve already started drafting your letter of resignation in your head…

…imagining the day you can waltz out those doors and get busy doing the work you are really meant to do…

But hold on there, let’s slow down a bit.

Satisfying though it might be, you don’t have to quit your current job to start a new business.

Some people balk at this idea.

It seems like double the work.

And where’s the fun of being an entrepreneur if you’re still clocking in at a JOB every day?

Other people are more cautious:

They could be be afraid to leave the stability of their full-time job and make the leap into being an entrepreneur.

You may be surprised to hear where I come down on this topic.

I think there’s no need to burn your bridges before you start.

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When To Quit Your Job And Go Full Time In Your Business

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Episode 53 – When To Quit Your Job To Go Full Time In Your Business

I get asked this a lot, especially by people at the beginning of the journey.

It’s because it’s what we all want – to not be held hostage by our employers and do whatever we want – yay!

So it’s fun to know when this time is coming.

But, it’s also not a great idea to quit too soon.

So let’s dive into when to leave your job and go full time in your business.

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Starting a Consulting Business Online: 12 Tips to Win Clients from Day One

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This blog post is 6,508 words. You can get all 12 tips on how to start a consulting business including real life examples and templates in a checklist format as a PDF download. Get it right here. It’s FREE.

In my experience, almost anyone can start a coaching, consulting or service-based business online…

…even if you FEEL like you have no experience.

Think about it:

Whatever you do in your work or even in your play or home life, you’re an expert in something.

Whether you’re an expert in helping businesses understand the impact of their cash flow or an expert in getting babies to sleep through the night, someone out there needs your expertise.

But when it comes right down to it, many people starting a consulting business, coaching or practice online struggle because they don’t take the time to get the basics right.

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