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Episode 70 – What If I Don’t Want To Go Back To The Office?

Last week I was googling, I don’t remember what exactly but it started with “What if I don’t want to…” and Google finished my sentence with “…go back to the office”.

“What if I don’t want to go back to the office?”

It’s a question people are asking in times when unprecedented numbers of people found themselves working from home. And while it’s not always a seamless transition, some of us are clearly loving it.

I know from my experience as a Business Coach it’s also a question that comes up – global pandemic or not.

After all, who does want to spend their life in a cubicle?

So what if you don’t want to go back to the office? What are your options to make money? Possibilities range from negotiating with your employer, finding a new remote role, freelancing, buying a franchise to launching your own business.

Let’s look at each of these options in detail.

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Episode 68 – How Hard Is It To Start Your Own Business? (Not As Hard As You Might Think)

If you’re a budding entrepreneur you’ve probably asked the question How hard is it to start your own business?

Starting a business is hard work in a sense…

…and sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do next.

There’s no question about it.

But in my experience, it’s not as hard as most people seem to think.

Let me explain what I mean…

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Episode 64 – How To Know If A Product Or Service Will Sell (Before You Create It)

When starting a business one of the big questions you’ll want the answer to is “How can I know if my product will sell?”

In my seven years working with new business owners I’ve found asking this question sooner rather than later can save a lot of heartache and trouble.

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Episode 60 – I Have A Business Idea But Need Help – 7 Steps To Get You Started

So, you’ve got a business idea but need help.

You’re probably thinking what do I do? How and where to start? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

The foundational elements are key to the success of your business so, first of all, congratulations for acknowledging you want some help with this.

Once you have a business idea your next steps are:

     1. Check your business idea is right for you
     2. Understand your ideal customer
     3. Create a simple offer
     4. Test your offer
     5. Decide how to communicate the value of your offer
     6. Find people who might want to buy it
     7. Build out your marketing machine

Let’s look at that in more detail.
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Episode 56 – Cookie Cutter Or Custom: What’s The Best Approach In Business?

What is a cookie-cutter approach?

We use the term cookie cutter to indicate each one is the same, like a guaranteed formula for something that works.

In baking it means all your cookies should come out the same shape.

In business, franchises are the most extreme example of this.

They take a proven business model that you can slot in to but you have to do everything exactly by the book.

Which appeals to you more: a tried-and-true method for accomplishing something; or a personalised, totally unique approach?

I actually think there’s a middle and better ground on this.

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