Cat LeBlancMany of my clients and potential clients are thinking about getting into online business, but they have one major concern.

They are introverts and worry about putting themselves out there and what running an online business will involve.

A recent revelation in my personal life (see confession below) and a great deal of thought on the matter has led me to the conclusion that…

Online business is actually perfect for introverts!

That may seem counter intuitive from the outside. After all being in online business means an online presence, a website, being out there in front of people.

It could seem easier to have a job or start a bricks and mortar business.

However, I believe that online business is the best way for introverts to leverage their skills and talents and here’s why.

1. You don’t have to leave home for most aspects of your business

Most of your business will involve you being at home. No need for small talk and you can work quietly at getting the job done. If you are the type who likes to be comfortable you can literally stay in your pj’s 90% of the time. Woo hoo!

2. Creating an awesome online presence means you don’t have to network

Does the word ‘networking’ strike fear into your heart? It does mine. When you set up an online presence that works for you (need help?) by the time potential clients do get in contact they already feel like they know you.

They’ve been reading your blogs. They’ve had a look at your optin freebie and they have a sense of what you are about. They’ve been thinking about buying from you for a while. It’s past the small talk stage in their minds.

They already like you and are ready to get down to the specifics of what it would be like working with you.

A great online presence means you can choose to network or speak at events or run seminars – if you want to. But you can also just stay at home at let the Internet work for you.

3. Even though having a picture of yourself on your website feels scary in the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal

Yes, you will likely need a picture of yourself on your website. The harsh but freeing reality is it’s unlikely any one cares about what you are doing as much as you do.

It feels big and scary to the person in the photo but to everyone else it’s another website. And if you are worried what friends and family might say have a look here.

Remember that in the beginning very few people will be looking at your website. It builds slowly. You’ll have time to get used to it. By the time you attract any kind of negative attention you will already be out there making a positive difference in the world.

Now on to that confession…

If you haven’t guessed it already, I recently found out I’m an introvert. Before that I just thought I was a bit weird. Not that I mind being weird that much :-) I don’t socialise for extended periods because I literally get exhausted. I am not keen on parties and prefer to be at home or just spending time with close friends. There is nothing I want to avoid more than elevator speeches and traditional networking and my worst nightmare is public speaking. Ah, there I said it!

Since starting an online business I am meeting more and more introverts and I think there is a reason for this.

Don’t let being an introvert hold you back.

Remember, the setup of online business can very much work to your advantage.

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