Cat LeBlancI launched a brand new way to work with me last week called Business Gold, and it got me thinking about why some people choose coaching and what holds others back from getting coaching when they’re starting out in a new business.

To me, coaching can make all the difference – and it has in my own business.  But many people don’t see the benefits right away. They worry that they’re paying someone to tell them things they already know (or feel like they “should” be able to figure out on their own), that they won’t get their money’s worth, or that they’ll be taken for a ride by some shyster selling business growth snake oil.

In my experience, that’s just not true.

5 benefits of coaching – beyond the obvious.

I’ve had four coaches already in the life of my business, and every single one of them has been helpful to me in different ways. I find coaching beneficial for these reasons:

  1. First and most obvious, I get specific advice on what I need to do in my business at exactly the place I’m at. I don’t have to ‘experiment’ myself if I don’t want to, or wonder if this or that piece of advice applies to my situation. Although by nature I am an experimenter and I do this all the time, getting advice from someone more experienced takes some of the guesswork – and the risk – out of it.
  2. I get an inside look on how other people run their businesses and I believe this is interesting regardless of whether you are a coach or not. I can ask things like, “So when you ran that contest, how many subscribers did you get?” And I’ll get the answer. I share these kinds of details from my business with my clients all the time. (I don’t share EVERY detail of my business, but a lot.) So I get an insider view on what a business further down the track looks like.
  3. I learn how I want to operate. I see how I am treated, what agreements I am sent to sign, and how the overall client interaction is and this solidifies my understanding of my own core values in my business. I have had experiences I consider suboptimal and I learn from that. Of course, I sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to you! But it’s a fact of life. It’s like going to a beautiful wedding and thinking, “Hmmm, I would’ve had roses, not daisies,” – it helps you understand your own preferences. I have also had experiences I thought were exceptional, and that raises the bar for me in my business.
  4. I build relationships. By nature I love making friends and one of the things I love to do is tell people what they are doing well. I do this with everyone regardless of their industry ‘status’. I don’t see people as better than me I see us all at different stages of our journey; everyone is right where they need to be. It’s just in my nature, then, when I hire someone for say copywriting or SEO or coaching, I end up having some kind of relationship and connection with that person. There’s no expectation that anything more than friendship will come from that relationship, but it would be silly to discount this part of hiring a coach. It gives you next level up contacts. It puts your work in front of people ahead of you. Of course you can build relationships other ways, but it’s been a helpful and fulfilling part of my coaching experiences.
  5. I get referrals. If people know who you are, like you, and know you get results, they’re very likely to refer people to you when they see a match. The fact that you are on people’s radar means you have a chance of this happening.

So for me, coaching has been beneficial on a multitude of levels outside of purely getting help on my business.

On the flip side, I see people who don’t get coaching having to work out so much on their own – without the targeted advice, inside business knowledge and relationships that it makes it really damn hard to break through.

Making the decision to choose coaching

There are so many aspects to business and my approach is to strategically attack at all angles: be great at what I do, get the best advice, give the best service I can, build relationships (with no expectation), continually uplevel what I am doing and then allow those parts to come together.

Coaching has been absolutely integral to this. It just ticks so many boxes.

But I understand that it can be a big decision to make.

  • What if I hire a coach who just tells me what I already know? The most important thing I’ve learned about hiring (and being) a coach is that you have to feel right about the person coaching you.  Read their website, get as much information as possible about their program, and ask questions. There are coaches for people at every level.
  • Shouldn’t I be able to figure this out for myself? Some people feel like there’s so much free content out there, they “should” be able to figure everything out for themselves. And maybe they can! But for me, I wanted to bypass all the time I would spend searching for the right information, testing things for myself, messing up, and starting over in favour of hiring an expert to put me on the right path straight away.
  • What if the coach is just selling some get-rich-quick scheme? Again, you have to feel right about the coach you choose. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something that just feels off. And if it seems too good to be true? It probably is.
  • I’m not sure I can afford it… I honestly believe all the money I have spent on coaching has been an investment. And I have done the courses too. They call it an investment, not just because psychologically it makes you feel better, but because you should get your money back. And I believe I have from my coaching. When can you expect a return on your investment – and what is the alternative?

It is a competitive world and even with the best courses you are missing the experience and mentorship factor of working one-on-one with a coach. Of course, I would love for you to consider my coaching – you can check out what it’s all about here – but ultimately you have to find the right coach for you.

What’s your perspective?

If you’ve worked with a coach, how was the experience for you?

If you haven’t worked with a coach yet, what’s been holding you back?

I’d love to hear all your thoughts in the comments below.


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