CatDo you sometimes find it hard to come up with ideas? Are you thinking about what new products or services to create or perhaps still wondering about your business idea? Are you considering how to separate yourself in a crowded market?

It’s normal to find it hard to come up with ideas – you are not alone there!

The difficulty in coming up with ideas affects everyone.


Often trying too hard to make it happen is counter-productive and a new approach is needed

There are many techniques used for coming up with ideas. Brainstorming being one of the favourites.

Brainstorming is a great way of bringing up new concepts and ideas that are bubbling under the surface. But how did those thoughts get under the surface in the first place? By what you are putting into your brain of course! And also how you are treating it.

The creative process is very complex

You can’t just push a button and make it happen. You need to have a more long term strategy to become the creative powerhouse you no doubt want to be.

The mind needs feeding, and space, to have those “WOO HOO YEAH!” moments of inspiration!

Building certain types of activities into your life can absolutely increase your creativity and bolster you ability to come up with innovative ideas.

Here are my three ways to boost creativity and be more innovative

1. Brain Input – give your mind some fuel

Are you always reading about what’s happening in your world? I know I read a lot of books about entrepreneurship. While knowing what is going on in your area of expertise is great it is also extremely helpful to look outside your industry.

See what people are doing there. Read up on things that interest you that don’t seem ‘work’ related. Having lots of different types of input to your brain will stop your thinking being too one-sided and spark off new thought processes.

Many of the best business ideas come from borrowing practices from completely different industries.

2. Brain Exercise – engage your brain doing something stimulating that you wouldn’t normally do

Really stretch your brain in a different direction. It is well documented that learning a new language or learning to play a musical instrument helps develop the brain. Now, those are both things that involve a time commitment! But what you can do is try smaller tasks that stretch the brain in new ways. If you are always at the computer you could try making something. I find doing something with my hands actually gets my mind thinking creatively.


3. Brain Down Time – meditate

If you are not a meditator, go for a long walk or spend time in nature. Give you mind space. Giving it that space will allow it to process and for ideas to flow more freely. I find in periods of time when it feels like I’m doing nothing, like meditation, or walking the dog, or even driving for me, is when I come up with all my ideas. Make sure to always carry a notebook!

Pick one and give it a go

See what happens when you give your mind some different input, stretch it in a new way or just give it some space to allow your creativity to come through.

I would love to know how it goes for you.

Let me know in the comments below…

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