Itching to do more with your life than the norm? Craving freedom but struggling to know where to start?

While I don't claim to have all the answers I have created some valuable resources to help you find your own freedom, whatever that looks like.

So, who am I?


I’m Cat LeBlanc. I’m a freedom-junkie. And a secret systems-nerd. A rebel? Perhaps. When something’s not working, I’m driven to find a better, more liberating way of getting stuff done.


I've had many iterations of finding my own version of freedom... volunteering in Brazil, moving to Germany, a well-paid tech career enabling me to work almost anywhere, a high pressure freelancing gig, an extremely brief attempt at network marketing (UGH!), the wrong business, then the right business, and then after some financial gymnastics and lifestyle adjustments - early retirement.


So what's the site about?


As a Business Coach I helped frustrated employees, almost-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the early stages take their first steps to freedom.  I helped them find their business idea and start a business that fits their personality so they can earn money on their own terms. All the resources (the podcast, tools, quizzes, how tos, the book) I've created on this subject are here to read, listen to or download on this site for free - no email address required.

I'm also started a new podcast called The FIRED Podcast where I plan to speak with incredible people around the globe about FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) and alternative lifestyle. I'll be honest, this kind of got put on hold but I may come back to it.


How I got here - the short version


I grew up in England wanting to learn languages, travel, and be free. All I wanted to do was surround myself with great people and enjoy an adventure-filled life. I absolutely do not believe in fifty weeks of working yourself into the ground and two weeks off a year.

Initially, I was a part of the corporate world. After studying Economics at University I decided to work in IT. I moved to Germany, where I made amazing friends, had a beautiful apartment built, six weeks holiday a year and lots of that sought after freedom to explore and travel.

After 11 years and some itchy feet I emigrated to Australia, where I was inspired to start my own business and with that inspiration I quit my job and dove into the most intense learning phase of my life.

I built my first  successful business within six months. From idea to first sale took three months, but in my hurry to get started I made a classic newbie error - I didn't truly consider whether the business I had chosen would fit my personality.

In the second phase of my business career I spent my working days guiding future entrepreneurs through the creative process of brainstorming ideas, validating and building and growing businesses that support the amazing lives they want to live.

I fulfilled a childhood dream of owning a house in the jungle, I could see parrots from my office window and worked with amazing clients all over the world.

If that speaks to you...


Let’s turn your brilliance into a business


I have developed systems to make creating your business easier so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

To learn more about how you can get your online business started watch The (Free) Zero To Paying Clients Masterclass

Or download my FREE Business Idea Starter Kit below.