Itching to do more with your life than the norm? Craving the freedom of working for yourself but struggling to know where to start?

Most aspiring entrepreneurs start with a desire for freedom in their hearts, but as they try and move towards it they get entangled and stuck. They're looking for freedom, but become overwhelmed, don't know what to do next and that freedom starts to feel like it's out of reach...


I’m Cat LeBlanc. I’m a freedom-junkie. And a secret systems-nerd. A rebel? Perhaps. When something’s not working, I’m driven to find a better, more liberating way of getting stuff done.


I help frustrated employees, almost-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the early stages take their first steps to freedom.  I help them find their business idea and then help build the best foundation for their business to get them earning money and feeling that freedom sooner!

Sometimes getting the initial concept right can feel like the hardest part. I save my clients endless hours of wondering what will work and money on expensive courses to get the right business model nailed down.

I then guide clients in those early, difficult months to build a business aligned with their dream. There is nothing that I love more than seeing my clients feel greater freedom in a new business that’s totally “them” and nobody else’s.


I believe that being a business owner is the most freeing and fulfilling 'job' you could ever have


And I know it's much more accessible than you likely think it is. In my own life, I know there's nothing better than being the boss. I call the shots on every aspect of my life and I do work I actually enjoy.


I have the freedom to decide my own hours, choose who I work with, pick out which aspects of my business I want to do myself and I work wherever I want. As I write this now, I’m in a lovely hotel in Portland, Oregon, thousands of miles from my home in Australia.


How I got here


I grew up in England wanting to learn languages, travel, and be free. All I wanted to do was surround myself with great people, enjoy an adventure-filled life and feel like I was on holiday all the time. I absolutely do not believe in fifty weeks of working yourself into the ground and two weeks off a year. Life really can be amazing almost all the time, but only if you make a conscious effort to make it happen. And I'm feel grateful every day that for me it HAS happened.


Initially I was a part of the corporate world. After studying Economics at University I decided to work in IT. I moved to Germany, where I made amazing friends, had a beautiful apartment built, six weeks holiday a year and lots of that sought after freedom to explore and travel. But I hated doing work I didn’t care about. Clearly something had to change.


I emigrated to Australia, where I was inspired to start my own business and with that inspiration I quit my job and dove into the most intense learning phase of my life.


I built my first  successful business within six months. From idea to first sale took three months, but in my hurry to get started I made a classic newbie error - I didn't truly consider whether the business I had chosen would make me happy.


As a now more experienced entrepreneur I spend my working days guiding future entrepreneurs through the creative process of brainstorming ideas, validating and building and growing businesses that support the amazing lives they want to live. And do I feel like I am on holiday most of the time? Absolutely!


I fulfilled a childhood dream of owning a house in the jungle and I can see parrots from my lounge room window. I have a wonderful partner and we spend our weekends going for motorbike rides, working on our muscle car, cooking up a storm, and sipping drinks in our spa surrounded by tropical ferns thinking how good is this?


It is pretty good, but what I really like is working in a field that genuinely helps people achieve their dreams. I love getting into the nitty gritty, uncovering exciting plans, turning confusion into clarity and moving those dreams step by step closer to reality! For me there really is nothing more satisfying.


Let’s turn your brilliance into a business


I have developed systems to make creating your business easier so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I want to save you time, so you can start working for yourself and live the life you want to lead.

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