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Episode 67 – A Quick 6 Step Plan For Coping With A Crisis

None of us, with the possible exception of Bill Gates, knew what was coming with this one.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been taken by surprise, felt stressed out and had to change my plans many times over the last few weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So what do we do on a personal level and in our small businesses to keep going and stay sane in the process?

A Quick 6 Step Plan For Coping With A Crisis

Step 1. Radical Acceptance

When we spent time feeling bad and getting angry about the situation we find ourselves in we’re wasting our time and energy.

We realistically can’t do anything to move forward when we’re stuck in a place of not wanting the situation to be true.

Yes, it’s unfair. Yes, it’s terrible, but the first step of being able to do anything is accepting the situation as it is, instead of resisting it.

Step 2. Reduce Your Stress In The Moment

What can you do right now to process the stress you’re experiencing?

Ideally that should not be blocking it out by doing things like watching Netflix, getting drunk, using drugs or escapism.

I’m think more things that enable you to process the emotion or reduce the intensity of it. Cuddling your dog or cat if they let you, taking a relaxing bath, meditation, that kind of thing.

I’ve been doing extra EFT sessions and making sure to meditate so I can quite literally keep calm and carry on.

Step 3. Get Your Bases Covered

Have a look at your financial situation. While it can be scary to look at the numbers you could be completely fine.

If so please do keep supporting your community and small businesses, people need all the help they can get.

If you need to make up some money how much is that?

Are there any simple ways of making a difference? Are there any extra benefits you are able to apply for?

Getting everything in order helps you feel in control which eases your stress level. Then you know if you’ve got your bases covered.

Step 4. Create Your Action Plan

Now you’ve accepted the situation, done your best to get yourself in a good head space and checked over your financials it’s time to make a plan to move forward.

Your plan may be to see how some parts of your business can be moved online, it could be a career change, it could be seeing if your skills can be used online or it could be for the moment applying for state support.

Everybody’s plan will look different.

Whatever your plan is – make that plan, with the steps that you know need to be taken so far. You may not know all the steps and that’s okay, but write out the ones you do know.

Get any help you need with this and also know the steps to take later on will become clearer as you start.

Step 5. Work The Plan

You’ve got a plan, now action your plan. If you like to be super organised create a time schedule for this.

Getting things done also helps you feel on top of the situation and gives you the reassurance that you are doing what you can.

It gives you purpose.

Step 6. Watch Your Mindset

You will still, undoubtedly have days where you’re feeling a bit wobbly.

If so, take some time off, get yourself in a good headspace as best you can.

Then, when you’re feeling better is straight back to step 5. Work The Plan.

You’ve got this <3