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The Single Most Important Skill You Need To Run A Side Business

Cat LeBlanc

I checked Facebook four times while writing this post.

Was I looking for something specific? Was I waiting for an important message?

Nope.  It’s just what we do these days, isn’t it?!

But when you’re running a business – especially a side business – focus is incredibly important.

If you decide to take my advice (I think you should!) and start your amazing idea as a side business before you quit your full-time job, I can look into my crystal ball and tell you right now what your biggest challenge is going to be:

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The 5 Qualities You Must Cultivate To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Cat LeBlanc

You’ve probably heard them before.  At a party, in the break room at work, at happy hour… People everywhere daydreaming and saying, “I’d love to start my own business one day…”

Lots of people would love to start their own business. But, as I mentioned last week, loads fail – something like 80 percent!

What’s the difference? What do those successful 20 percent have that the others don’t – and how can you get it?

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Why Starting Your Own Business Doesn’t Mean You Risk Losing Everything

Cat looking overly worriedHas the thought of starting your own business crossed your mind?

If so, you wouldn’t be the first. But for many, the reality of starting a business still seems like a risky endeavour and the thought remains just that – a thought.

Pam Slim from Escape Cubicle Nation says people’s greatest fears about starting a business is that they’ll end up living in a van down the river, lose their home, their partner and all access to credit to name a few.

Basically the fear of losing everything they worked hard for.

What if I told you that starting a business does not have to be as risky as you probably imagine? The truth is most of our fears are unfounded because fear is really only a figment of our imagination. So there is no need to feel as worried as I look above in the photo ;-)

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10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Have you considered starting your own business but fall short on actually doing anything about it?

CatAre you tired of working for someone that doesn’t appreciate you, being told what to do and having to arrive early and leave late just because you don’t want to upset the boss?

Traditional ‘success’ comes at a price and that price is often your freedom.

And let’s be honest. 4 weeks annual leave each year is NOT enough!

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