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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Why Starting A Side Business May Be Your Secret To Success

Start A Side Business

You’ve had an incredible idea for a new business.

You’re pretty much obsessed.

You think about your new business day and night – in the shower, on the train, and yes, at work.

In fact, it’s such a fantastic idea that you’ve already started drafting your letter of resignation in your head…

…imagining the day you can waltz out those doors and get busy doing the work you are really meant to do…

But hold on there, speedy.

Satisfying though it might be, you don’t have to quit your current job to start a new business.

Some people balk at this idea.

It seems like double the work.

And where’s the fun of being an entrepreneur if you’re still clocking in at a JOB every day?

Other people are more cautious:

They could be be afraid to leave the stability of their full-time job and make the leap into being an entrepreneur.

You may be surprised to hear where I come down on this topic.

In fact, I believe anyone can start a side business that can become their full-time business.

But proceed with caution:

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