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Why You Don’t Need An Original Business Idea To Start A Business

Cat with balloon original business ideaHave you ever read about someone who had a crazy, new and innovative business idea that took off like wildfire and made stacks of money?

Like the guys who invented those five finger running shoes?

Or the bottle opener iPhone case?

That one was pretty cool.

Facebook is an amazing example.

They even made a movie about it.

Stories like these are exciting, sexy and newsworthy. Which is why we find ourselves reading them.

While these wonderfully creative business ideas are amazing, it fuels the perception that you need to think of something completely new and original to have a successful business.

We sit around wondering when our ‘bottle opener iPhone case/new Facebook’ idea will hit us in the face and then bam.

It’ll be our big shot at success.

In reality most businesses aren’t like that.

You don’t need an original business idea to build and grow a successful business.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

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